Sunday, January 16, 2011


Review - 2010

It is late I know; later than last year's!

Last year started with a hope to blog more than six times as in 2009. And I managed it: twelve posts for 2010!

Starting with a midnight lesson in a Dowra Sharing about feeling worthless, the calendar stated five years since the issue of my wrist. How time flies. There was a lot in blogosphere about blogs ending but those were my thoughts at the time with a prayer for peace to those many of us once knew. A return to the Dowra with a piece by Rachel Aspden about women and then an entry in the 'On' series with an 'on' on Consistency.

Ramadan appeared once again and another 'on' on Submission. I continued the Chaplaincy role and realised how amazing things happen daily. A real November feeling as Aung San Suu Kyi was freed finally and then a beautiful Prophetic saying on how Allah truly Knows best.

A last 'on' for 2010 on Control and a final word about Charity Shops before we end 2010.

And there is 2010. A mixed year; but one full of lessons for growth.

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