Sunday, January 01, 2006



What a year!

Everything in this world is leaving us - fast - just like 2005:

January - The year started with a Hajj Feature on the BBC site and my becoming an affiliate with Ulfah Arts.

February - This was quite a month; Shaeed (my designer) was working on the designs for launching the Catalogue to raise moneys for the local hospital, and I had got the students involved in my concept of The Garden -

I started the week as a Fulltime Teacher working within Mental Health: a dream job I had waited so eagerly for beneath my feet; friends on my side, and looking forward to the Catalogue launch.

By the end of the week, I asked Shaeed to close my website: I was on sick-note and my hands were in chronic pain. I could not hold a pen with grip without screaming in tears. The earth had pretty-much disappeared from beneath my feet.

March - A time for reflection and agony. I cannot even begin to recall the emotions I felt: anger, frustration, pain, disgust.. I felt like I had fell into a dark well and got trapped in there. This is also when I picked up a gift I had received 5 months earlier.. The Alchemist :')

April - Friends assisted in dictating and typing for me and I was able to Update my whereabouts. I thought a lot about my scenario and my dependence upon others for the simplest of things like making a cup of tea or washing my hair... and disability.

May - I set out to find my camels in Tunisia.. and got a spanking from my friend who reminded me that "Tranquilart is resting" ... I discovered my reading books.

June - The pain stayed and my sick-notes continued to be extended.

July - My meeting with a physician and becoming a 'Face' behind the Faith.

August - A time to learn and be inspired.

September - I hit the Big 3-0 and started the Heart Warmer not to forget good-old Diedre.

October - I decided to say Thank You and my Camels spoke about Niger. Some form of 'normality' began to return with the talk of Girls and Make-up.

I was tagged online for the firstest time ever! And then came my beloved followed by a tragedy only to leave me once again.

November - A month of results, and a reflection on the meaning of Tranquilart. I accepted my Mess as my own and realised that Smiling was the best policy to adopt in the midst of rubbish.

The Inspirator returned and so did my Migraines :( ... But I started once again thinking seriously about Art.

December - A time to dance and write about a Magic Wand I'd had for many years. I purchased a pair of knitting needles and learnt the value of a stitch.

As the year drew to an end - I thought more about Womanhood.
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