Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Just as the face is the index to the mind...
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the actions of our limbs are indications of whats in our heart.
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And just as the recognisers of our faces are few, those who understand these actions are rare.
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For how can someone else understand that which we ourselves are trying to comprehend?
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And those who say they do, actually do not.
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For it would be unfair to say they do.
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Unfair to us.
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For they cannot know our reality before we ourselves have discovered it.
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And indeed these are not easy discoveries. How can they be when in their midst lies the whole meaning of existence.
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And yes we acknowledge what our existence signifies, but these discoveries relate to that existence encapsulated within; how our beings are unfolding their realities.
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Realities which we must strive to realise in our travellings.
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Since these are journeys into the realms of a world which presents itself in a fashionable light that glitters.
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But its essence is trapped in a mirage which is so powerful that it continues to decieve.
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A deception characterised by the false actions of our limbs which continues to put our hearts in a restless state.
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So that the mirage becomes a prison never to be escaped, a net where from we can't come out, a destination with no return...
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An echo is heard -
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- but wait - stop - what is this?
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What are these sounds? They are not like anything we have heard before.
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Their tone like the soft rose petals...
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Their pitch gives off the fragrance of musk...
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Their rythmic flow like the streams that await us...
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It gets louder...
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The calls are being made; and as our soul begins to listen attentively, we feel the angelic presence arriving to surround us.
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In the company of angels I look up towards the Heavans. Yes. Here now comes the rose from my Lord.
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In peace, Daughter of Adam xx
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Links To Words

Asalamalaikum from the depths of my heart and soul :)

Greetings of Peace and Salutations of Tranquillity to all that exists,

I have had a big telling off from lots of people who have requested that the articles etc from the website should be made available to folk :(

So here you go:

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God Bless
Peace & Prayers

Wasalam, love & duas
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Monday, March 14, 2005


Peter Sanders in Brum!

The world is but a moment..

Slide show and talk by travel photographer Peter Sanders

Accompanied by Ali Allawi, Senior Fellow at St Antony's College, Oxford UniversitySpeaking on

Creativity and Spirituality in Islam

Saturday 19 March 2005

AV Room, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery Chamberlain SquareBirmingham, B3 3DH
Tel: 0121 303 2834
Admission Free

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Update from the camels...

Salam all,

Greetins of peace...

Just a quickie to let you all know that I will be sendin an Update out soon to those on the Mailing List and replying to your emails.

I'm just in process of getting it dictated to someone.

Take care all & God Bless

Peace & prayers
wasalam, love & duas xx

*ps- the camels went out 10 days ago to find a physician - they have found one, but they need to do all the necessary checks etc prior to allowin their master to get treated :~)
God bless em for their efforts. ameen.
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