Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Just as the face is the index to the mind...
"If the eyes are a window to the soul then the mouth is the doorway to the body"

Indeed the mouth is that doorway.. in fact I would argue that it is more than that. For within it rests the king of the palace, and that is the tongue.

And for sure the tongue is the leader of the limbs; ruling them like a kingdom. From sunrise to sunset being commanded like an army.

The tongue dictates to the limbs actions which may have severe consequences .. and in the midst the mouth suffers helplessly. A by-product of this tragedy?

For if it is to be trusted as the doorway to the body; then the mouth must safeguard everything within; and everything that comes in reach of it.

Yet we see the mouth abused by all that comes in contact with it. Leaving the end result of the body in a state of anxiety and heedlessness.

A state which deeply shocks the heart and draws the being into the yearning to detach from ownership of the mouth, its contents and essentially - the limbs.

And though this detachment is not easy; it is only once it is detached that ones' mouth finds the true tranquility - it is indeed a temptation worth sacrificing.

A kind word is like an act of charity.

The best of all speech is that which uses few words, makes much sense and does not bore the listener.
[folk traditions - Wisdom of the arabs]
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