Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Onion Attack!

Asalamalaikum - Salutations and Greetings of Peace from the core of my being :'(

You guessed right - the daughter of Adam (Alaisalam) has been in contact with the place in the house reserved for us female variety of the human creation - - > THE KITCHEN!!!

I am trying to kitchen-train the camels so I can take a back seat but they seem to be quite slow learners... maybe my teaching strategies are not as dynamic as first perceived by myself?... hmmm...I am having doubts about the credibility of that pgce programme...

My meeting with Mr Onion got the waterworks going... I thought to myself:

What exactly is man? What is he...? Thinking himself to be some mighty being walking the earth with his head high in pride and arrogance -

...when a humble vegetable reduces him to tears?

They say God Almighty gives us parables that we can identify ourselves with, and consequently gain a better understanding of what we are. And I say - "they" say the right thing!

God Almighty tells us how man was created "weak in flesh" and how trial after trial proves that he is not an independent entity. Yet, we see how even when he is given clear examples of his dependency he refuses to acknowledge for time. One of my favourite verses from the Book has always been:

"O man what has seduced thee from the worship of thy Lord...?" (82.6)

The noble onion serves a useful reminder of the Power God Almighty really has - and it serves to educate our ego that in essence man IS dependent upon Divine Guidance. Not for a moment can he think he is in control.

Happy onion-chopping to the countrys' women!.. I love your bravery!
Peace & Prayers


Hehe...the begining amused me. :)

Thanks for that post, soo nicely put and relevent as well.

BarakAllah feeki.
yeah... the onions never cese to amaze me ;)

to chop onions without tears, either keep them in the fridge and then cut them. the cold will slow down the process, so it wont release as much chemicals

or you can chop it in half, wash it under running water. this will get rid of the tearful chemicals :D
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