Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Officially Banned!

Asalamalaikum heart reaching Greetings and salutations of Peace from the depths of my being,

Well here it is - I thought I'd finally get started and put my thoughts on this technology stuff here... yeah I can write for England ;)

And as the title suggests me is officially banned! Yes! Banned by mum and crew from ever painting indoors again :( I tell you the world is not safe for wanna-be artists like me... I mean all I was trying to do was some "tranquil art"... sure enough it was anything but tranquil. Sometimes I feel the world has nothing but trials to offer Daughter of Adam...

Its been raining here a couple of days and I had to wait for the dear clouds to subside before taking my masterpiece out into the garden - only to work in the scorching sun - hey, at least I caught a bit of the sun and tommorrow I can compete with the colleagues as to whose the most brown hehe!

Anyway, gotta go and count some camels now...

Good Night and God Bless
Peace & Prayers

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kewl interesting
Hello, Bint. It's Kelly! I am posting you new blog on Have a look see when you get a chance. Oh, my blog is Wasalaam! :)
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