Thursday, August 12, 2004


Roundabouts & Traffic Lights

Asalamalaikum - Greetings and Salutations of Peace from my heart & soul :)

Ina Lila Hi Wa Ina Ilai Hi Rajeun... "From Allah Almighty do we come; and to Him is the return.."

I have successfully managed to fail my car driving test for the ***th time :) ! I mean there is a list of classics when it comes to failing tests but looks like I have managed to cover most of them in my short driving history. My list of acheivements which lead to the successful fail includes amongst many others:

And the test itself includes everything under the sun:

Thats not all; a set of ridiculous questions called "Show me / Tell me" meaning you have to mimic a parrot and say word-2-word of their jargon... but whats worse is now me has to re-apply for the Theory Test & Hazard Perception test since according to the researchers one can only remember for 2 years and after that the brain apparantly is uncapable of holding further car-related information..!

But hey who cares... thats why I say "The camel is the best option" :)

Traditionally it has served mankind whenever man has lost hope of getting from a to b - and now is the time to resurrect this teaching... its also a lot greener in modern vocab to mount a camel. Modern problems caused by not using camels such as limited parking spaces; accidents; and pollution would be unheard of.

Since camels eat grass, there would be no need for lawn mowers in the neighbourhood :) And we could use camel dung as manure for the local parks to re-plant their trees as once we saw. We'd see no more unhappy, bored kids during school holidays by introducing 'camel rides' which would help boost local economy. We could even create a solidarity within the community by organising regular camel races and see the true spirit of brotherhood amongst peoples of all colours and nations :) I mean the list is endless...

I think I have outgrown the philosophy of seeing driving as a life-or-death issue. I consider driving amongst many other things an amenity - something which may help me in certain aspects of living and doing things.

Maybe it is this lack of seriousness in attitude which leads to my successful failures? I dont know - but what is certain is that "this is the way it is" and this is the way of the Creator. And if I am to be a happy person I must see this as a boon from Him. In not driving, is the success, for now ;)

A wise camel said once:

Laugh at your failures, so that when others laugh at them - you could join them ;) For Celebrating a failure means that even the slightest of successes are percieved as grand acheivements :)

Take care, Enjoy your day & safe driving to the worlds' Mansells'

Peace & Prayers


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