Saturday, August 14, 2004


Dodgy Landline

Asalamalaikum - Greetings and Salutations of Peace from the camel herd of this nomad ;)

So the landline has been dead since yesterday and it feels like we are living in the 6th century... the camels are enjoying it!

My brother called the service providers and they said the earliest they could send someone out is next Friday! Thats about 6 days away! He was balistic on the phone - I feel sorry for the person in the call centre -
"what times are we living in?!" he yelled.
"you'll be lucky if we stick with you till then!"

The internet connection is jumping like a yo-yo; one minute I am online, and the next minute the email goes.. currently I can't access the Outlook but am fine typing this out... strange technology.

But we have seen it all I reckon...

I remember back in the days when we didnt have a landline and we had 2 old rotary telephones. I loved sticking my finger in the circles and used to have fun watching the dial swing right back - and of course make that lovely sound. Aah hours of amusement :) ...

And when we moved house years ago, I remember mum said that one of the advantages of this property was that there were 2 telephone booths across the road :) ...

How well does this compare to the kids in our house who are being born into a culture of mobile phones, and not one but two or even three phones on landline. Most kids have got a few toy phones and even borrow adult phones to play the games. Not to mention that they actually KNOW what the internet is!

I suppose we can't say much since we have also readily embraced techno-culture with open arms. Half of us siblings have 2 mobile connections or more... and I am due to get a third one with my new job!

I know we have come a long way in communication since using pigeon messengers and throwing bottles into the sea but I so wish to move away from this fast communications lifestyle at times. My view is that today we have to deal with news a lot faster than our ancestors did all those years ago. Graduality is surely more accepting to the children of Adam?

Even the Qu'ran was revealed so gradually over many years since had it come down at once - mans' heart would have found it difficult to comprehend the Word with confidence.

At times I leave the mobiles at home... he heee ...yeah... "don't call me, I'll call you!" ;)

Peace & Prayers

"I loved sticking my finger in the circles and used to have fun watching the dial swing right back"

--- haha thats me too.. i remember those days :(
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