Monday, January 14, 2013


On: The Process

This post is inspired by a teacher whose simple advice is timeless.

I was fortunate enough to attend a class held by the wise teacher, Shaykh Muhammad Ba'Shuaib a couple of years ago. He said a simple thing but one which really helped me try to understand the nature of life. The words here are some of my own and some paraphrased from his advice.

He said that for Allah Almighty to give something is not at all difficult.

Neither is it difficult for Him to change a scenario.

or remove an obstacle.

or alter a circumstance.

or show the way forward.

So we should never assume we will not come out of a given situation. However it is the Process which we undergo which is important.

This is because it is here where our growth as human beings occurs.

This is where we learn to appreciate our humanity.

This is the place for the blossoming of new thoughts, ideas and visions.

This is where we learn about our strengths and weaknesses: what we have and what we lack.

This is where our development for personal change takes root.

This is where the seeds of faith grow into mighty trees.

This is the melting pot of all our hopes and fears.

And the end result is with God Almighty.

The faith teaches us that whatever happens will be for our betterment.

A new us will come out of the Process.

The pictures show a pin-cushion I made today at a craft group. It took between 2-3 hours and has been hand-stitched entirely. It is a beginner's cathedral window patchwork.

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Friday, January 11, 2013


Review - 2011 & 2012

Talk about an overdue review!

I posted less in 2011 and even less in 2012.

There was reflection on Blessings and a reminder to Reach Out.  A trip down memory lane with my Nostalgic Work Journey and given that 2011 was a sunnier year than last; A Few Petals From The Garden. Ramadan came and a treat for my Manager's Diary. The year ended On Marriage, thanks to my 28 respondents it helped me as I tied the knot.

Then came 2012 and I blogged just twice - my record low!

5 Ways to Maximise Ramadan was the ice-breaker and sadly the loss of a good friend Pauline Hurd.

It was a year filled with change on so many levels. I have many things I want to share but for one reason or another I have not had the opportunity. Let us see what 2013 brings.

Peace to all.

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