Monday, October 25, 2010


Amazing Things Happen Daily

Yes they do.

I have been doing a little bit of pastoral work at a local university for a few years now, and in my capacity as a Chaplain, I and my colleague meet students from various backgrounds with a multiplicity of issues. It is often unclear before an arranged meeting what the student’s concern may be so the only preparation is to attend with an open mind and be willing to think on your feet.

I met an international student this morning as arranged and it emerged that he had arrived in the country a few weeks ago. This of course meant he had missed the international student events alongside the freshers activities which despite being chaotic, do help students settle in into their new environment. These events help provide access to various society groups which share a common interest and also include trips around the city – both of which are what you need when you come into another country to study.

In the hour we had allocated for the meeting, we met in the Chaplaincy building and I showed him around the Student Guild which holds the Muslim Prayer Room that students use. We agreed on a list of things that I would find out for him with the priority being finding a contact for the Indonesian Society. This was after an enquiry at the Guild desk which was unsuccessful. I was quite sure there was an Indonesian Society as they had organised an Eid event last year, providing cooked meals and Eid prayers at the Chaplaincy.

We headed back towards the Chaplaincy building which contained the ablution facilities that the student had enquired about, and after our tour was complete I lead him into the reception area to see him out before my next appointment.

Standing at the reception desk was another international student. I asked her whether she was Indonesian and she replied yes. Not only was she Indonesian; she was the Chair of the Indonesian Society! We all smiled.

Amazing isn’t it?

An hour earlier I entered a situation which my brain was puzzling over. And now it all seemed clear. It took just one hour to be faced with both a question and an answer. Everything happened quickly; but the hour could have been a week, month or year. The point is though, eventually an answer arrives at our door.

If we sincerely want to reach our goal, then God Most High will subjugate everything for us. The road ahead will be made simple: all obstacles removed and ease given.

It is events like this which leave me thinking that ‘There is no Power nor Might except God Almighty’.

Artwork: Circles of Knowledge (2006)

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Friday, October 22, 2010


On Submission

Work with your situation.

Only when we fully accept our situation can we benefit from the power of true submission.

It has taken me almost five years to figure this out.

All the fights were useless.

Fighting with a situation is energy-consuming and leaves one burnt-out.

Working with the situation is what leads to relaxation, contentment and the ability to see clearly.

Working with the situation is what leads to newer insights, undreamt aspirations and brighter horizons.

Working with the situation is what leads to a renewal of the self, a realisation of what is, and a feeling of empowerment.

Perhance that I become a thankful servant and remain in a state of submission.

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