Saturday, January 17, 2009


Review - 2008

I know it's so late.

Just been so unsettled in recent months; I just about complete one week in the hope of being more 'settled' for the next that I have a whole new set of things to deal with! Not complaining - just sayin how it is!

What can I say about 2008? An amazing year in so many ways. I said goodbyee to 2007 and went down memory lane with Three Years Later recalling my life some years ago, especially for those who have only known me since 2005. This was followed a few months later by Following for the few who await eagerly for me to blog which is often not that much.. as is the case of the random thought about Quality. I thought long and hard about Routine - perhaps I need to read that now that I am complaining about being unsettled. Then came the gift from God Most High to attend the Dowra in Yemen - an experience which was to open another dimension to my understanding of life, our Creator, and His creation.

I decided to try my bestest to share the sharings. The Wrist came into sight again and with mine healing soundly I managed to complete the owed piece on Learning the Quran dedicated to my dad and all those adults who learnt the Text in recent times. Staying in August, my piece on Females on Campus was published by the CCJ though I loated the images they used. Then came a series of odd bits: some interesting Observations, smelly Bath Bombs, the wacky Burnt Hijab Collection, and my beloved guest Ramadan!

Autumn in full swing and time to share some Dowra snippets: Shaykha Sultana, a secret about Wednesdays and the world of Habibs and Hababas.

Out went my Nokia after so many years - a perfect Ramadan Charitable perhaps? Then came Eid with a thanks to Teakster and a note for folk at the UofB.

The Dowra sharings continued with Advice from Habib's Mum. And a note about another woman: the Loss of my Yoga Instructor.

Some time to cheer with Mehndi and Giggles and a pear-shaped 'Why DP' which some still misunderstood! Fantastic news on being Discharged and back to reflections on arriving in Tarim. And as 2008 ended I thought again of my Journey 6 years ago.

It's been an interesting and blissful year in so many ways and I can only thank God Almighty for His blessings.

Alhamdulila Wa'l Shukr Allah.

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