Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Teakster's Eid Greetings

Over the last several Eids I have been fortunate to receive E-Cards from an individual who is also on a creative journey of sorts.

Every Eid without fail I get an email greeting and it reminds me of the Prophetic counsel that we should thrive in the continuity of our good actions. It is pointless in doing alot and then nothing at all in our attempts to conquer the perfection of our conduct and relationship with God Almighty. It is far better to continue with the little things daily than a massive task with no sustainability.

As we depart Ramadan, let us continue to keep alive the spirit by maintaining one or two key things we have learnt, and by letting-go of one or two of the not-so-nice traits we all possess.

Wishing everyone an Accepted Ramadan and many more generous ones to come. Eid Mubarak and Prayers of Peace for all x x x

08 January 2006 16:24:15

22 October 2006 15:02:20

09 October 2007 12:10:23

16 December 2007 17:53:15

28 September 2008 16:09:32

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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Ramadan Charitables 2008!

Once again that time of year.

A selection of projects well worth supporting..

Zaytuna Institute

Private Study Donation

Amal Press

Supporting MySQL engineer's Son

Supporting Accident Victim Donation

The Halimah Trust

Ash-Shifa School

Kitaba - Texts for the Blind

The Inheritor's Fund

Or any other charity of your choice:


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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Farewell: End Of The Nokia 6230 Era

Finally after more than four years, this evening my mobile phone is no more.

Because I have two numbers, I had gone through several gadgets with my second number in this duration but this loyal piece of metal was with me since 2004. To be honest I was initially upset to the loss of all those text messages which have accompanied me in this journey since 2004.

Messages I got from colleagues; all the New Year wishes: 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Messages whilst I was sick from 2005 onwards: people telling me how failure doesn't exist; how there is a God who looks after us all; that we should be happy to be the Ummah of a Beloved Prophet; that great things are in store for me from the Provider of all.

Messages from people when I met them for the first time after our conversations on Deenport.

Messages when I went to Pakistan in 2006 and then to the Rihla in Saudi; and then to Yemen more recently; well-wishers saying goodbye; praying there come from these trips many openings for me.

Messages from people who I was fortunate to spend time with after meeting them at places, and then the same people texting a year later to remind me God Almighty introduced us.

Messages from people who got my number either online or from others; asking me if they can do anything to help me and assist me in what God Almighty had Planned for me.

Messages from people having given birth to their newborns; sharing their joy with me.

Messages from my Agency the first day I re-started paid employment after my 18 month sick-note; echoing messages before from generous souls reminding me that my skills won't perish so easily.

Messages from supporters telling me not to be upset when vile comments were posted about The Noble Man on this blog.

Messages from people texting me Fridays; then those texting me in Ramadan.

Messages from the Sacred of places; those on their way to the tents of Mina; those inviting me for a cuppa in Medina and those in Tarim.

Messages containing prayer after prayer after prayer.

Messages I looked through again and again as these years have gone by.

I could go on and on..

Yes I was upset to lose all this.

But then I thought about how grateful I have been that I had the opportunity to receive all these messages in the first place. How much must God Almighty Care for me, that He gave me so so many wonderful people in my life to show their concern for me at times when I have felt ever so little. He gave me people to help me get the balance right whenever I was on edge.

I am truly lucky.

Alhamdulila Wa'l Shukr Allah.

I pray in earnest that all those who have supported me through these last 3.5 years which have been some of the most challenging ones are rewarded for their text messages.

I pray in earnest that their support be Written as Sadaqa Jariya for in this little screen of a mobile phone I saw hope, cheer and clarity when I needed it.

I pray in earnest that on the Day of Accounts, if their deeds are light in their scales, then these acts of kindness be shown to all those people: magnified as large as mountains.. for they helped a servant of God Almighty in the most incredible of ways.

The day is gone but the memories remain.

And that is what really counts.
That memory and the accompanied feeling of happiness; to have been a recipient of that love is something which will stay with me long after my Nokia 6230 has been recycled.

Peace and Prayers

Jummah Greetings.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Dowra Sharings: 4 - Habibs & Hababas

Each place has it's own vocabulary and when seen through the lens of diversity, it helps you appreciate the richness that exists in this world.

Hopefully this post will ensure minimal confusion when using these terms in future writings.

Habib means Beloved.
God's Greatest Beloved, al-Habib al-A'zam, is one of the Prophet's names.

Al-Habib came to be the title of the Husayni sharifs [descendants of the Prophet] of Hadramawt, the Ba-Alawi Seyids, from the 11th century of the Hijra onwards.

The female equivalent of Habib is a Hababa.
I recall the giggles when I first heard that term in mid-June as I telephoned students of the Habaib [ie the collective]. A Hababa is not just a title for a woman, rather an honorific and symbolic term of description. Both terms are used, not to indicate a mere blood relationship with the Prophet Alaislam, but to enable us to formulate an appropriate conduct whilst in their presence.

A good book for introductory reading which highlights a historical context of the Habaib is this one here


It also introduces the genealogy which is very important so one can truly appreciate the background of the Habibs and Hababas.

Here is a little bit of information about 3 of the teachers who we learnt from.


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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Dowra Sharings: 3 - Importance of Wednesday

Tarim is an interesting place because it is somewhere where individuals try their best to practise what they know.

On 2nd July, our first Wednesday, we were taught that Wednesday is a special day. Our Ustada (teacher & mentor) gave us the following invaluable sharing:

- between Zuhr and Asr the prayer is mustajab (answered) because it is the day that the Battle of Badr took place and God Almighty gave victory to the Prophet Alaislam

- it is also the day that the 'light' of the Prophet Alaislam was created

- thus if you want to start a project that you want to see completed, in whatever sphere of existence (deen or dunya) ie of religion or of world, then it is a good day to commence

Roof-top views from our 'Big Dowra House'


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Monday, September 08, 2008


Dowra Sharings: 2 - A Visit to Shaykha Sultana

Before going out I didn't expect to learn so much about women.

Al-Shaykha Sultana bint 'Ali al-Zubaydy was well known for her piety, knowledge and teachings in the 15th Century in Hadramaut.

Only info online is here.

She wasn't from the family of the Prophet Alaislam but because of her love for the Prophet she was chosen as an awliya.

She would send Salawat (Praises) to the Prophet Alaislam in abundance and was an extremely modest woman. It is said that she was one of the few who would see the Messenger in her dreams so much. Whenever she had a query she would get an answer quite immediately.

Upon death she was 17/18 years old. It is customary to visit her on the last Monday of every (lunar) month.

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Monday, September 01, 2008


Happy Ramadan 1429

Marhabba hey Guest!

You are here again - Great to see ya mate!

Lookin' forward to spendin some quality time wiv ya..


Daily Ramadan Thoughts I did a while ago

Daily Prayers from a fellow blogger

Advice from our teacher in Yemen

Advice from our teacher in Yemen but when he came to Woking

Advice, but this time from our teachers across the pond in California

Advice from alot of teachers everywhere

And once you have read the above, a little something I was told recently: that make the aim to attain newer understandings from the Quran this Ramadan. Remember; there is no comprehensive commentary on it, indicating how vast an ocean it is.

Peace & Prayers
x x x x x x x x x


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