Tuesday, May 13, 2008



My blog has never had a following per se. Rather it has attracted the attention of cyber-strayers who have ‘chanced’ upon it either through a link or search that they have done. As a consequence some of these people have liked what they have seen and become regular visitors.

I remember it was around last year this time that one such visitor contacted me after having been accepted onto the Rihla 2007 having read a post I’d done about it the previous year. She is an example of the kind of visitation the blog receives. I think she had just unexpectedly arrived at the web address some time ago and left a comment on one entry.

The blogs I like to read, or at least ‘visit’ and browse are generally by people abroad. They know all too well that they type and publish faster than I read! In comparison my space has had more quieter periods in these 3 years. Perhaps this has resulted in losing the interest of some visitors? I am unsure.

However, I am always encouraged by the patience that readers demonstrate. In an era where things are happening faster than we can process them, I am surprised that people still visit my blog to check for updates. Maybe some people have RSS feeds to this site? (I am not really clued up with how RSS feeds work).

This is the reason why I decided to ask for typing assistance [keep them in your prayers]. The few people who have been so patient with me have motivated me to do something practical about the drafts I have hand-written in the many months. Sometimes I have wondered whether I should close the blog and call it a day, but then I receive a comment or email by a stranger telling me how useful they have found something I’ve written… and I use that to keep high the momentum.

I know that I can never compete with the regular bloggers who update their blogs daily, and sometimes a couple of times a day. But then, my aim is never to compete; it is simply to share a few thoughts. Someone researching the Muslim female artists for her thesis asked me recently about the future of my blog:

It is my hope that in the fast-paced cyber-world we live in, if someone decides to stop by for a read - then I want them to leave being happy with what they find.

The updates which will follow soon have been dedicated to all those who have patiently waited for them -

Hand-Written 08/05/08 (am)

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