Wednesday, December 19, 2007


As the year ends..

As the year comes to an end
2007 first and then 1428
I realise I've reached the top of this Hill
'Hill Difficulty' as Helen Keller once put it
Except for that I am not climbing up it -
But rather walking down
Though I just said am on the top..

Actually you can say am coming down the Mount
I've been successful
Praise to God Most High
Just that the harder bit was towards the end
Before my feet touched the ground
For most part I slid smoothly down
And now I reach my next Peak:
2008 or 1429
Another climb that awaits.

During this blessed season, and as the year draws to an end, I'd like to wish everyone prayers of Peace, Joy and Wellbeing.

Eid & Hajj Greetings.

I want to say thanks to everyone for enquiring regards my health and apologise for not updating folk as I should. I have experienced a good spell of it since Ramadan and it's great to be able to have that after a long period. I am taking a homeopathic remedy which has helped my condition. The last trip to the consultant was about 2 months ago and all is well. Despite having experienced a greater amount of pain in my elbows and wrists this year [due to the damp weather] it is not significant enough to start any conventional pain-reducing treatment. All tests indicate that things are actually quite nice and in good working order inside this physical body of mine! Alhamdulila. All Praises are for God Almighty. There is no real explanation for the pain bar the arthritic episode which occurred in 2005.

There was, and still is no clear habit for the pain. Although I have noticed a little bit of a pattern this year, I am still unsure when the pain will start. There is a cycle of pain and fatigue with varying levels of motivational energy which surrounds my world. Each episode lasts for an undefined term and then goes away. I am unsure what phase is worse: the fatigue phase or the painful one? Or the one wherein I lack motivation or zest? The fatigue has lead to constant naps during daylight hours and the painful one; waking mid-way through my nightly sleep thinking someone is cutting my wrist.

Yep - ever since 2005 that is how my wrist feels in it's 'painful' state: that it is being sawed off.

But it is with extreme happiness and gratitude that I announce the following:
"Currently I am in none of the above."

Recognising limitations and modifying lifestyle is the advice or Treatment Plan I have been offered by my consultant and I have agreed. I believe it will be a boon for me.

My thanks to all readers: friends and foe for taking time to share my world. It is my firm belief that the prayers of the many silent readers, well-wishers and friends give me the strength to continue to move forward. Yes, I really do believe this. When I see myself 'back on my feet' doing 'stuff' I think about the supportive words of the wonderful people I am fortunate to have interacted with: be it in cyber-world, real-world or the world of telecommunications. For me those supportive words have been the key to recovery [whatever that means]. The many gentle, and sometimes forceful reminders from you all have transformed my view of this health crisis into a state of empowerment and self-development. Honest. I know my health will seldom ever be the way it was a few years ago - but I am happy with that now.

There are many things I wanted to blog about this year but it just never happened. I am learning all the while and the processing of this often takes a lot longer than I would like to have it. I continue to jot down thoughts in the hope that some day very soon I will blog it all out. Who knows when that will be?

Thanks also to the patience of those who await a reply to correspondence [email, text, comment here or letter]. You remain in my thoughts: in a nice little space kept well just for you.

In 2005 and 2006 I did a summary of my blogs, keeping with this Tradition here is 2007 in a few sentences :-)

2006 was quite a year, then we started 2007. A death followed by a caravan in the quietness of the 2 year mark and the arrival of the Sacred Birth. The disturbing moon made me serious about mentoring so that I got seriously blogging The Noble Man From Zaytuna despite the Rain. A trip to the shops to buy me some Prayer Beans which is exactly what I needed after the Disturbing Comments. I sought my Spiritual Friends and the Noble Man returned. Autumn arrived as too did my RSI Concerns as I bid farewell to the Old Friend who left me a few Bracelets.

Peace & Prayers
Bint-eh Adam
x x x x x x x

The images are my gardening attempts this year.. ahem :-)


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