Friday, October 12, 2007


Goodbye Ramadan

Oh what a glorious time we had together..

For some unusual reason this was one of the Ramadans after a very long time that actually had more day-light hours than twilight. As the next years will roll in we shall see the cycle of Ramadan becoming more apparant in the Summer season: less time for night prayer, greater time for daylight fasting and abstination. Perhaps in this is a lesson for us all?

Fasting: keeping away; but at the same time drawing closer to.

What do we keep away from?
And what do we draw closer to?

These are two pertinent questions for anyone wishing to do a reflective exercise on their practise. Individually we need to ask ourselves how we decided to answer these questions and what were the lessons learnt, any drawbacks, or barriers which sneaked our way.

It is also important that a few weeks later, once Ramadan is a bygone memory, one makes a list of all the positive things that have happened since Ramadan. For sure we hear that this is a Month of openings, realisations and the unfolding of secrets for our wellbeing.. so why not make a physical acknowledgement of all those specialities? We shall find that the manual process of making such a list will enable a stronger recognition of the grandness of this Guest. And who knows, hopefully it will teach us to look forward to greeting it again next year with a greater yearning and love.

For me, the Balance Sheets are totally out of place. I put in very little this Ramadan, but managed to receive so much more. Perhaps that is why God is the Creator and I am a mere mortal? A lump of flesh in the vastness of His creation? It is at times like this that one has to acknowledge that this must be a Month of Mercy.

Before I end, I would like for you all to forgive me for the many times I am unable to reply promptly to emails, text messages, calls and comments. And forgive me for not updating this blog as much as you and I would like. I promise I have been drafting away in my jotter and someday soon will type up those blog entries!

I would also like a prayer for all those who have been affected by any sadness during this Month of Ramadan. May God Almighty give everyone the solace to continue their journeys to Him.

And finally, it is my belief that we can keep the spirit of Ramadan alive every day for the next 11 months. By living out what this Guest has taught us we shall realise that Ramadan never left us in the first place. Wishing you all an accepted Ramadan.

Until next time, goodbye my dear friend :)

Peace & Prayers
x x x x x x x x

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