Monday, September 17, 2007


RSI Concerns

In the last 10 days, two friends have contacted me with RSI pain in their hands :-/
Ina Lila Hi Wa Ina Ilai Hi Rajeun!

Please dear people, can you "keep it real" at work and not go overboard with your limbs?!!

I love you all for the sake of Allah Almighty and pray that He keeps you well and in good health.. but partially the over-earnestness with technology or the shyness at not approaching the employer is a contributing factor for not seeking medical help urgently! People feel they MUST do everything in whatever condition they are in. That is so wrong!

In these last 2.5years I've known up to ten people who have had period of sick-leave due to RSI !!!!!!!

WHAT'S HAPPENIN!!!!!???????!

Here are 10 pointers I advise those who are experiencing pain:

1. Don't assume it is RSI and will 'go away' if you rest from the PC for a day. There are many conditions within the RSI umbrella and some require specific tests for diagnosis: CLICK HERE

2. Get to a GP and "stamp your feet" if they try to dismiss you with cheap painkillers. [Sorries dear GPs - but admit it; sometimes that is what you do].

3. For persistent pain and especially if it is affecting the neck, shoulder and back alongside the hand and fingers - get some further tests done.

Some tests to request:

- nerve conduction
- X-rays
- bloods

4. Your employer has a 'Duty of Care' and should be looking after your specific needs at work. You are within your rights to ask for alterations to your desktop.

Some alterations are:

- getting rid of mouse and purchasing a Pen / Tablet set

- not using the laptop for prolonged durations of typing

- purchase of an ergonomic keyboard

- having sufficient change in activity between PC work and other duties

- ensuring all other H&S requirements are met eg chair, distance etc

5. Adding an Autoresponder on email accounts where a lot of mail is received.

6. Splints for hand support: again it depends upon what your diagnosis is.

7. Physiotherapy request.

8. Managing pain with hot or cold ie ice-packs or warm oil [whatever suits your body needs]. Olive oil is extremely beneficial.

9. Reading Fatiha on affected parts.

10. Taking it easy. Literally.

I guess we are one of the first bunch of people to be affected by technology in such an extreme way. But that shouldn't stop us from using our common sense and exploring methods to manage our condition before it becomes quite severe and we have to add further tests to that list above!

Seriously, think hard at the reasons why you are not doing anything concrete about your wellbeing and try your utmost to address the obstacles immediately.

Some people have been experiencing pain for months without even realising they are in pain. Why are we acting so numb?

I am fortunate in many ways that the onset of my pain was immediate and within a few days it forced me to see a GP because of the distress. But there really is NO excuse for the laziness people. Be grateful that you have a health service which is so readily available.

All the best. I may post this onto my blog too.

Wasalam, duas and love

This post appeared on DP first. Since then, I have a few thoughts..

I have been thinking about why I have been so worked up about this whole thing.

One of the reasons I gathered today is because I have been ever so fortunate to have had the support from people during my period of sickness. I blogged this a while ago.
Seriously, I am so lucky.

Lucky for what?
For the masses of support I have received from people: friends, family, strangers..
I guess deep down a little part of me says:

I wonder if others affected by ill-health will receive the kind of love and kindness that I have?

I wonder if they will have individuals in their life who offer them pearls of wisdom to help them understand how this situation relates to the wider scheme of things in creation?

I wonder if someone will call them everyday to remind them of the many skills they have and the multitude of qualities they possess?

I wonder if there will be someone to reassure them of the good deeds they have done and how God Almighty would never let His people down?

I wonder if they will come to realise that in essence, man has been created in an amazingly striking fashion and that every misfortune or sad happening is a channel to draw closer in understanding one's essential nature as a vicegerent of the Creator?

Or instead will they lose hope?
Would they fail to recognise their condition as a sign of His lightening of their accounts?
Would they decipher the pangs of pain as punishment for their misdeeds?
Would they curse the gift of life?

I can only wish and pray that anyone affected by RSI or anything for that matter, will receive the multitude of angels that I have received. And gain deep insights about the creation we are part of.. and the Creator to whom all returns.

I know that God Almighty will look after everyone and only give us all what He deems best for us at that moment in time. I have full faith in His Care for us all. However, these were some thoughts I wanted to share for as I said before: Love you all.

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