Thursday, February 22, 2007


Two years later

…Tranquilart is resting…

It was 2 years ago that my first sicknote ever was issued: Monday 21st February 2005.

I was recently informed that one of the greatest teachers Imam Al Haddad had a fever for 14 years which nobody was aware of.

I know a lot of you have been in touch and I do ask to be forgiven for not being able to reply to your emails in the spirit that I would want to. I have been busy with additional tasks which has meant that I am more tired these days. I know I must continue to do these additional tasks for my spiritual, social and physical wellbeing. However, they have meant that I am only able to commit to one big ‘activity’ per day in order that I am refreshed for the next. Napping regularly and ensuring there are a few days in the week when I don’t do much are helping me ensure I have sufficient energy for the varying tasks.

Living on a budget with energy means that some days I have more energy than other days. I know that today I may do 4 tasks but that tomorrow there is no guarantee of getting beyond task 1. I am slowly beginning to live for each day. I have realised that there is nobody to complain to except Him who created the situation we find ourselves in, in the first place.

It is slowly bringing me right down to my knees – and I hear that that is the best place to be. Perhaps the work I started on the concept of Submission almost 16 months ago is finally beginning to reveal itself to me? Perhaps it is true: that the reason why we wish to believe in the ‘Magic Wand Theory’ is because we have an incorrect or incomplete understanding of Submission. Here is the last entry I made in my private journal about this:

6th February 2007

Magic Wand doesn’t exist.

The inexistence of it means that Submission is the form in which our energies should be exerted to address the situations in which we require or think we require the Magic Wand i.e. use Submission as the Magic Wand but remember the magic is slow.. although it is effective.

As I said before I do intend to do an Update. Some thoughts on the Chalice:

Be like the Chalice,

For all to take,

Their share from you –

For you too will take from them.

I love you all for the sake of the Creator and for our common Father Adam Alaislam and hold you all dear to me in thoughts and prayer.

Peace & Prayers

Bint-eh Adam x x x

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Caravan to Tranquilart

Assalamu alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

Dearest ONE!!!!!!

May you and yours be RADIANT in the purest of SNOW!!!!! Oh how wonderful!
Me....mooching here with a fever and furnace throat and nasty nasty chest....but JUST HAD TO TURN this computer on and get this to you....have been meaning to connect for days...but....JUST pushed myself!!!! Have a giggle, that's me in the middle waving a huge loving Salam!!! to the Butterfly of Brum....but don't go out in the snow or your wings will be damaged!....JUST wondering where and how you are??? Oh wouldn't it be marvelous to go on such a trek!

Love and
Wassalamu alaikum
Aunty Noor
hope my sneezes do not attach themselves with this!

Uhkt Noor Al Madania

Aunty Noors' emails are too precious for them to stay in my Inbox. I pray you don't mind me sharing here :-)

I'm so sorry folks - I've not been here! Thank you for the emails. I've just been feeling really tired in recent weeks.

I just realised that Blogger is forcing people to sign-up for gmail! I think eventually in the next few months I may aswell migrate over to Wordpress. Any help on that would be great from my fellow blogging community - when I do that.

I promise I will blog an 'Update' in 2006-style once again in weeks to come.

I have some bloggy news:
the entry on beloved Shaykh Hamza the 'Noble Man from Zaytuna' is almost complete. I also wanted to blog a little more on death, aswell as the other two promised ones: 'Paulo Coelho' and 'Us like the Chalice'. Finally, I have found inspiration to write what may be a Part Deux to the Magic Wand Theory! My months of thinking about the concept of 'Submission' may well be this second episode.

I am well, good, dandy and a goon as ever. Just very tired these days.

Much Love, Peace and Prayers from Camel-Land x x x x

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