Tuesday, July 18, 2006


It's Getting Messy In Here Yaar!

Salam folks,

I went to the surgery again yesterday morn and Doc took my bloods himself - gosh he was so quick! He told me to take the couch, stop looking so frightened and keep on breathing! The nurse stood by my side and mum went for moral support - but before you know it he had a syringe of blood!

I'm surprised I didn't get a bravery award and fizzy lollipop actually ;-)

I was phased out most day and rested in bed - perhaps due to missing the caffiene shot in the morning? Plus because I don't fast during Ramadhan, perhaps my body found it cumbersome to not have food prior to the test? Or perhaps I'm just weird and love sleeping?

I was thinking about Reading.. and started a blog on it - which will be complete in due course and up on air thereafter!

But in the meantime man - doesn't this place look messy? Seriously - It's kinda getting a little messy yaaaar with all the piccys and so forth - I need to do something - fast!

I might just pop an image to the last ten entries(?) what ya think?? Is that weird and unorthodox or what? Well I am a visual learner :-)

Peace from Camel-Land x x x

I've been feeling a bit melancholic for the past few days- thinking about the past has brought and scared of what the future might bring... your last post has brought the stinging of tears at the back of my eyes. And a heartfelt feeling of gratitude to my Lord for all the unseen blessings that aren't even realised and reflected upon, before they end. Subhan'allah.

I'm going to pray Maghrib now and you are especially in my dua's, dear daughter of Adam!

Much love,
Walaikumslam sugar-pie :-)

My lovely little friend - the past IS the past.
What is gone will not return.

The future is yet to come.

Why waste today thinking about what you cannot change?

And remember that our past mistakes and mishaps are never to be seen as our causes for failure in the future. Every mistake becomes a source of success if we correctly learn from it. And we learn by asking God Almighty to " show us the way". Yes - quite literally.

Just ask Him to sort things out for you.
When we say we "submit to God" we are forced to turn our affairs over to Him. Turning our affairs to Him equates believing He will sort it out!

It is written clearly in the Quran that God Himself gives people "laughter and tears". So both are from Him alone.

If you need to cry, go ahead.
Tears are from Heavan my love.
Tears also reach back to the Heavans.

One of the saddest tragedies in modern life is that we are not given an opportunity to grieve. To relieve the heavy-heartedness we can sometimes feel due to lifes' challenges. This is incorrect. We have heard narrations of the Prophet Alaislam when he cried "until his beard became wet".

We are misfed that crying is a symbol of cowardiceness, a symbol of disbelief and not having conviction in God Almighty. That tears are despair.

That is not correct.

InshaAllah God ALmighty give you Haleem; forbearance and Peace.

I may do a little entry on the above.

Thank you for your lovely prayers my dear x x x x
God Bless.

Wasalam, dua and love sugarplum x
Bint-eh Adam
You know what sis. I went for my bloods yesterday and the phebotomist used a device called a 'butterfly'. She said it's normally used on children but she wanted to use it on me as I was wearing all white and she didn't want any accidents. SubhanAllah I wish I had known about the butterfly before. I didn't feel a THING ... probably as the needle was so fine. Next time...see if they have any :) As for now: O-- = your fizzy lollipop :) Sleepy...gd night...ish xxx

Hey Bhaji-Jaani -
They did use a Butterfly! That didnt work!!!

I have veins which get frightened very quick ;-) But the doc advised the clench-fist and lie down method with syringe as the better option for me :-)

Seriously bhaji - sharp sting and then within 5 seconds its over - Kewl man ;-)

Hope your blood results come well x x x Looks like its gonna be a week of waiting for the bloods :-D What an interesting commonality we have ;-)

Thanks for the tangy, fizzy lollipop :-* Oooh felt that on the side of me mouth there ;-)

Nighty nite dear x x
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