Sunday, July 09, 2006


Coming Soon..


Camel-Land has been invaded by the Pink Friendly Hippo!

Alot of negative energy has gathered around; glooming our vision and making us the helpless recipients of a dooming grey cloud.

In order to bring some positive vibes to the lands, I sat back a month or so ago and wrote about a theory which I shall blog in days to come. I think some of you may recognise it as the next chapter from The Magic Wand Theory that Curly posed for last year. Others may consider it a waste of cyber-read. For the latter: it ain't for you lot alright!

I'm intending to blog more on the art in the upcoming weeks so keep glued to Tranquil Zone. I've just reloaded the Heart Warmer there and also some update on Cardiff.

In the meantime though, appears some folk in the world still don't know what being a Muslim is about - so here it is Reloaded:

BBC Feature: Faces Behind The Faith

Who and what is a Muslim?

Six very different Birmingham Muslims share their faith and tell us of their lives.

Muslims from Birmingham respond to 7/7.

Feature by New Media Producer Sarah Loat.

I did a Googly Search and found that the infamous Super-Six pic was on this Beebs locality with no acknowledgement! Hmmm...

Another great feature currently online is a photo-essay featuring a trio over here! By award-winning photographer Gideon Mendel.

Peace & Prayers
Bint-eh Adam x

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