Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Tranquilart in Pain..

Salam folks

Woke with pain in my elbows, wrists and knees. And am ending this day with alot of pain in my back. Remember me in thy prayers if you can, Thanks :')

In Peace, Wasalam
Bint-eh Adam x
You have my family's sincerest duas.
How you feeling now sis? xxx
Salams bint-eh-adam,

May Allah grant you relief from your suffering and shifaa in the hands of those who treat you. Please let us know how you get on, insha'Allah

Sending lots of duas and positive vibes your way :-)

I am feeling a lot lighter :-) Soz couldn't reply to the comment before.



My respected and noble brother -
How lucky I am to have your family praying for me, in a land so far away.
I'm deeply pleased that I share this world with such wonderful souls :')

May God ALmighty bless you all.


Walaikumslam dear x
Ameen. Yes I felt the positive vibes x x x

OK folks where do I even begin.

Well 2 weeks ago I managed to pull some muscles in the back. That triggered an already-bad back to get worse. The nights were more distressing than the days. One night I barely slept a couple of hours as my whole lower back became so stiff. Believe it or not, in the midst of such lovely warm weather I resorted to the hot water bottle in an attempt to get some kip. I woke the next morning absolutely shattered.

Speaking of being shattered - I am becoming quite tired these days.

In the last 7 days I have been busy with preparing for the IslamExpo - Plus:

- I've been chasing the paperwork for the Incapacity Benefit

- I've had to telephone the Hospital Consultants to ask if they can please send my records to my GP - I mean I was discharged like 6 weeks ago! How difficult is it for my info to be posted to the doc so he can make a referral to the Rheumatologist?

- and I got a reply from work - but shhhh for now :-)

- I am also due to see a new Homeopath next week - a woman this time, let's see how that goes.

And in the midst of the above, I managed to get a bad tummy after mum brought some fish & chips from the shop which brought out the worst episode of IBS in months :-(

SO in all honesty - I am quite tired. Probably will be spending the most of the next 36 hours in bed :-) and trying to relax which appears to have become a very difficult thing for me to do nowadays. I have alot to do: just put away the laundry that had piled in the last week. And need to tidy-out my letters etc But I think it can all wait!

I am indebted to all you guys - I know a lot of you never comment but email instead :-) Thank you for all your support x x

May God ALmighty always bless every one of you x x

With peace, love and prayers

Bint-eh Adam x
Shafa ki Allahu Shaffan kamilan! May God Heal thee completely

...think of all the lightening of you account!


eeeeeeeerrrghhhhhhh (thirsty naga!)

Thank you fellow Bedouin :-)

You are right respected brother: I pray that it does lighten my accounts. Thanks for this reminder; something positive to think about when the walls crumble in.

With prayers and water to the herd :-)
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