Monday, May 29, 2006


The Loss of a Parent

Whilst lying in the bed I was thinking about my friends who have only one parent; because the second has returned to God Almighty. I thought to myself: what is worse: the loss of mum or the loss of dad?

I thought about one of my friends whose mum died 6 months ago, and how I had not been in touch with her as often as I should have been - because I needed some 'space'. I then thought of my friend who texted me a forward last week and how I had not been able to reply to her text. Her mum died almost a year ago. Then I thought of my friend whom I did my teaching course with: her dad died whilst she was a child and her mum died late summer last year.

I thought about 2 other friends who lost their dad as children. I thought about the friend who shared with me last week how her dad returned to God Almighty one fine winter.

And then I thought about my friend whose mum has been diagnosed with cancer. I thought about all those friends I have who have parents with poor health: someone with angina, someone with diabetes, someone with BP problems, someone with cancer again.

Even as I type this, I think of a friend whose dad died when she was 21. And another friend whose dad died in Ramadhan a year and a half ago. I then think of my own mum and dad: my dad has no parents in this world. My mum has only one.

I woke up and heard some unpleasant expressions.

I asked what was going on - and I heard how one of the neighbours a few doors away died suddenly with a heart attack. His body still at home. The wife in shock. The children cold and still. Oh my God!

Ina lila hi wa ina ilai hi rajeun.

From God we came - and to Him is our Return.

Why do we feel pain when someone dies? They don't even have to be close to us - but we feel hurting feelings inside. May God Almighty give us Peace.

My question remains unanswered:

What is worse: the loss of mum or the loss of dad?

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Diedre on the Politics of Health

Dear Deidre,

I see that your last piece of advice was many months ago, in fact it was about 8 months ago to be precise! So I thought I’d pick your brains for some stored wisdom and so here I am writing in.

My friend is not well.. she’s got some continuing health problems and I wanted to know what I can do for her to best support her. Any advice?

Well my dear, thanks a lot for your email honey pie!

I do say it has been a long time since my last query (and only one).. and it’s a kind thing you keeping the brain ticking for me. I was actually in bed and thinking of retiring away as nobody was asking for advise.. feeling rather useless I say.

I doubt your friend is feeling any different.. Here let Deidre explain…

Party Poopers..

Your friend probably feels like a right old party pooper.

People who are recovering their health inevitably spend a lot of recovery time at home.

For some individuals this is confined to spending time in their bedroom. And many people spend it in bed. The whole idea of ‘going out’ is very much overwhelming and takes a lot more courage than you think. Reminds me of my first day at school.. that was such a frightening experience. Well people who have been limited to their house and go out a couple of times per week can find a day trip out with friends very threatening to their confidence and security.

Having spent time in the comfort zone they find it difficult to get out and be the ‘all smiles’ that people expect of them.

What does all this mean for you, as a friend?

Well, you need to respect your friends wishes if she says she doesn’t want to go out. On the other hand, you need to ensure she is able to get out for fresh air at least once a week for about an hour or so!

Here are a few steps you can take to help your friend:

  1. arrange a time and place suitable for your friend to go out
  2. ask your friend if she wants other friends from your wider circle to be present or meet you alone, she may not be comfortable meeting in a group: the most confident of people can shy away from the social-scene in such situations
  3. depending upon your friends’ circumstances she may feel confident driving or battling the buses to meet you – or you may want to pick her from an agreed meeting point (especially if she hasn’t been out for a while). In any case make sure you discuss how she will be getting to your place of meeting, and that she is happy with arrangements
  4. when you are out, try to make your friend feel comfortable. She may find the buzzing Saturday shopping scene too overwhelming. On the other hand she may feel isolated meeting in a park with nothing but grass around! Its all about finding a suitable spot in the first place.
  5. your friend may wish to cancel at the last minute, since the whole idea of getting ready to go out can make people very anxious. Some people find it troublesome to decide what clothes to wear, then they have the added hassle of showering, ironing and making-up.. all within a set time-frame! When people are on sick-leave they are out of a routine and therefore they require even more time to get prepared for their day out. If your friend does feel she wants to cancel, try your best to convince her and be as flexible as you can. If she doesn’t agree, accept that. And try not to make her feel that you have been let down or are disappointed.


Many people recovering their health can have noticeable changes to their weight. These changes may be due to the added effect of stress during illness which can result in self neglect. Taking certain medicines can result in side-effects such as weight-gaining (e.g. anti-depressants) in some people. Some medicines on the other hand lead to weight loss.

When you notice weight changes in your friend..

  1. please don’t publicly state your observations – !!!
  2. speak in privacy with great sensitivity to your friend about the causes of the weight changes and your friends’ views
  3. some people are quick to suggest diet plans – be very cautious! Only go in this area if your friend invites you
  4. in addition to weight changes your friend may be looking paler than usual or have dark circles under the eyes. Similarly many people experience hair-loss as a result of illness and/or side-effects of medicine. Please be wise and don’t patronise your friend - appearance is a topic of depth which impacts heavily on the confidence of individuals.

Do remember that the weight changes / appearance etc is something your friend lives with every moment of the day. She doesn’t need reminding that she has put on a stone thanks to her medicine, or lost half!

Therapies galore..

When people get sick, everyones’ a doctor in the house!

You must remember that if your friend hasn’t contacted the healer you recommended or if she hasn’t started drinking the herbal teas you brought – it is nothing personal she has against you! Motivation to do simple things such as showering and getting ready for breakfast require a lot of strength on certain days. The determination required to follow up therapy recommendations and try out the latest tonics is a lot more tougher!

Many people believe that alternative therapies must be sought from the heart as they require a lot more commitment than conventional remedies. Some of the thoughts that run through the minds of people when being suggested a therapy:

  1. yet another therapist!
  2. costs – health impacts on peoples’ finances, especially if they were previously earning and have been signed off sick by their doctors
  3. time commitments – alternative treatments may require a commitment of anything from a few weeks to a few months
  4. parroting medical history – seeing yet another therapist means that the individual is compelled to repeat their symptoms one more time. Some individuals do get fed up of this as they simply want to move on
  5. confidence – some people may not feel confident to meet a complete stranger (therapist) unless they have not been proven to be effective for others, especially if they must pay this person

All in all, your friend will only give that therapist a bell when she is ready. If she is not ready to explore that avenue, then her rights must be respected.

Nosey Miss Chatterbox

You must be careful not to constantly speak to your friend about her health. It can get overwhelming even though you may be innocently enquiring. Many people get fed-up of having to explain their health to friends again and again. In terms of conversation some things to note:

  1. vary the subjects you speak to your friend about – she thinks about her health more than you could imagine. A variety of discussion will help her mind focus away from her illness. It is polite to ask about her wellbeing but not to probe for information. Her response should indicate whether or not she is comfortable with you enquiring about her health further
  2. If your friend is on sick-leave, it is not wise to enquire about her career too often. As said afore she perhaps thinks of her job and colleagues more than you think. It is also wise to remember that putting pressure on your friend regards her work responsibilities etc is not appropriate. It is also not very nice. Your friend is the one living with her condition, thus she understands the impact of that on her job and career if she were back at work right now.
  3. there will be days when your friend will not want to talk to you, or anybody else. This is nothing personal against you. She needs space. Many people say that we are living in an age where we are receiving so much information through so many mediums and it can become too much for our systems. Therefore for an unhealthy system, the interaction with others can sometimes become too cumbersome. Please be patient with your friend and give her space. If she doesn’t want to talk to you, that’s fine. On the other hand you do need to ensure she doesn’t isolate herself totally from your support and positive encouragements.
  4. many people are asked why they are not better yet – and sometimes people recovering their health can get upset and/or offended by this. Everybody would like to have good health to do all the wonderful things that they enjoy doing. Your friend perhaps thinks to herself: when will I get better too. Avoid asking her why she’s still ill please!

That’s all for now my dear – Deidre is tired and needs to pop back into bed for a snooze. Hope this helped? In addition I’d like you to read the following:

Sickness - Mercy From God

To contact Deidre.. an email will soon be added..

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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Pakistan Made Me Think: Final Entry

Tuesday 18th April 2006 - 11.23am


And how we fear it - But why? What is it that we actually fear? Is it the changing seasons, and moving seas of lifes' journey? The forests of events taking place before our eyes or the changing, the 'becoming different' of our environment? Thoughts and Processes?

Fear of change as one ages - nothing is the same - all is gone, yet delicately replaced by something else. This is the way of the world. Each nation thinking they are the best - but soon to be replaced by some other.

"Every generation has a king or a slave in his ancestory" says our Teacher Shaykh Hamza Yusuf.

How very true. This will go and be replaced by something else. In a sense though is it not a good thing? For we come to the realisation that nothing remains except for the 'Face of God'.

All will change.
All will be replaced.

Nothing is irreplaceable except what He Wills.

I was very much looking forward to returning home.. I had seen much and heard much. I was overwhelmed at times when I sat with my nan (the last of her generation) and at other times I was relaxed, especially when I saw how the kids interacted with the animals. I thought also about my own age: gosh i'm getting old. Did we ever think we would grow younger on this planet? I thought about change. What is change? What are my fears? And then I wrote this piece.

This concludes my Journal Entries.

I hope you enjoyed reading them. And as I said before: If you didn't understand any of it - don't worry man - you weren't meant to! These were some words that came to mind on certain occaisions - words which helped me put the various encounters during my trip into perspective.

Thanks for reading!

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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Pakistan Made Me Think: 8

Saturday 15th April 2006 - 5:10pm

Trip to the tailors!

Not a case of money but principles! How can people not do justice to others?

Why rob your fellow man off truth, and work done with honesty?
Where is ones' soul?
Surely the piling of money will ward off Barakah (Divine Grace) from entering your realm - if you are a persistent offender of the principles of honesty.

It was over 13 days since my 3 suits had been sitting at the tailors. Did he sew them as I said? Nope! Furthermore he didn't sew them in the stated 7 days and that meant we wasted time going to his place a few times. I was very upset at this incident because I had made it clear how I wanted my attire sewn, not only that but I'd asked him a handful of times whether he understood my requirements and he said yes.

I was not happy. I could understand that alot of tailors take on board other customers and so forth. But I don't understand why they can't say no and do a job properly. I'm a person of principles - I'd rather tell people it will take longer to get a task done than to take peoples' orders and delay everyones' work. I just thought to myself: how much Barakah is in something like that?

The tailor had skill though, and may God Almighty bless him. I'm wearing one of the outfits right now. And this is why we chose him: he was a very skilled person - and he sewed sme of our outfits prior to this really well and on time. But this incident was on the backdrop of several other customers bugging him.. so I kinda let him off!

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Pakistan Made Me Think: 7

Monday 10th April 2006 - 2.50pm

Diseases of the heart -

Social and even physiological conditions may be responsible for bringing about the onset of illness to the heart. Just as social conditions (and physiological ones) can cause the physical heart to become ill and diseased ~ one cannot argue that the same is untrue of the spiritual heart. In a world where popular culture teaches us to acknowledge only that which could be seen, it's amazing that the heart continues to be an example (just like any other organ in the body) where disease can not always be seen with the physical eye.

Some thoughts:

Social conditions and life events; having this and not having that - can all lead to certain diseases of the heart manifesting themselves. "A battle of egos" one may argue - indeed a battle of egos. The conditions one is exposed to can cause man's response to alter from the 'straight' path. If the diseased heart gains victory over man - then his thinking and subsequent actions are both affected as a result.

The initial social conditions which caused the symptoms of disease to manifest itself may not 'go away' so readily. Essentially are they not tests or trials from God? If the heart becomes diseased, then what kind of response is that to those tests?

Is that not mans' failure at attempting to sit the test with patience and positive hopes from the 'Testing One'?

This was my third visit to Pakistan as an adult. It was quite a different experience from my previous two: perhaps because the first time I was still at uni and the second time I had work to come back to. And this time I was in a state of limbo - neither here nor there. Or perhaps because a lot has happened in the five years or so (since I last visited Pakistan). I don't know and I can't pinpoint why I felt the way I did. One thing is for sure though, I found the attitudes of some folk very puzzling and thought-provoking. Unlike here where I spend most time at home - I was always in the midst of a variety of diverse people. People with different thoughts, ideas and ways of looking at the world. And that is all healthy - I love diversity for diversity should be encouraged and successively celebrated. However, I found it difficult to comprehend how many people were insistent that their ideas and views should be accepted by all. Stop.

I read Shaykh Hamza Yusufs' Purification of the Heart under this backdrop.
And alot made sense. It helped me to piece together the jigsaw of human behaviour and provided me with the reasons and answers as to why people behave the way they do. The best thing was that it is aa solution-focused approach and for each 'disease' a cure is prescribed. I am very grateful that we have this book as it helped me address and accept what was going on around me. I recommend that everyone purchase this fantastic peice of work and pop it on their bookshelves. The best time to read it is when you just cannot work out why people act the way they do. It will not only tell you why they behave as they do - but also tell you what you can do for them.. and inevitably for yourself.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Pakistan Made Me Think: 6

Sunday 2nd April 2006 - 11.05am

Protection -

A striking thought:

If wudu (ablution) is the weapon of the believer, that makes it a tool of protection.

Protection against what(?) one asks. What is it that we require protection from? It may be summed up in one word: devil. And that's true. Or if one had ample word supply one could extend or add to this with the words 'Diseases of the Heart'. For who is responsible for creating the diseases in the heart - is it no other than the devil himself?

Are the diseases of the heart not a symbol of the manifestation of periods of lack of care and maintenance of the heart?

Years of neglect?

Neglection of the fact that one has a gem to look after and protect in the best of manners - The lack of care and general 'looking after' resulting in a hard lump of flesh on mans' left hand side; infested with viruses which can only be treated with spiritual medicine.

And wudu is one such remedy which has been recommended. For if it helps safeguard against the devil then indeed we haven't understood the shielding properties of this act.

What are flies, jinn and people to harm you - when, if you so desire, you could shield yourself with this weapon. Armour for the soul. As too is the Sacred Text - each word a talisman.

The weather had been like British summer all this while with cold chills every couple days in the week, I was feeling alright and hands were improving too. But as the heat got hotter, all sorts of wildlife starting showing up at my folks' place: I mean there was Mrs Frog and her child in the loo; the Busy Bees in the veranda, the Lizard we called 'Bebi' because it was tiny in our bedroom; the fresh battalion of Ants replacing the previous nights' brigade; random cockroaches and other interesting characters. They were all making a special appearance on our farm-house from time to time. And poor lil me being the whimp I am, was kinda not feeling the most confident of humans in front of these guys.

One day it just hit me whilst doing wudu that what I was actually doing was preparing myself with a tool against the devil: hayhay I thought! Wonderful! And then the penny dropped.. if wudu could help against the big guy then why not these little fellas - who afterall are living out their destinies and doing what God Almighty created them to do.

I also realised that I should ask God Almighty for protection; a two-fold protection: For me to be protected from the wildlife and for the wildlife to be protected from me.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Pakistan Made Me Think: 5

Tuesday 28th March 2006 - post 3pm


Exactly what are they(?) that man so desperately hopes to ascertain in a given period of time or from taking a certain step in life? Man hopes for them from certain encounters - an encounter or experience which will lead to a better outcome than what he has before him at a certain point in life.

The question one asks is whether or not it is correct (or incorrect) to hope for such openings? Such Pathways to open up.

"Yes" I hear the cry - of course it's right and why shouldn't it be? Afterall openings are God-sent.

Surely "it is written" -

Surely those "pens are dry".

If there were no expectation in man to hope for openings - faith, or rather I should say that leaps of faith would be impossible. For in the hope of seeing an opening what man is really doing is once again placing his trust in God -

Yes it is another opportunity for mans' faith to grow and blossom.

After having spent over a month in Pakistan .. One of the things I thought often was about openings and their nature.

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Monday, May 15, 2006


Pakistan Made Me Think: 4

Friday 10th March 2006 - Post 2pm

Earthquake tremor at about 1pm.

Woke this morning and the imam at the local mosque was speaking about death. [This could be heard via loudspeaker].

Decided to visit grandparents at the family cemetry to the side of the village and mosque. And then as we were sitting in the veranda getting ready to pray the afternoon prayer; Zuhr - came the 5.5 after-shock of the October earthquake.

Have never felt so scared before. We ran from the veranda to the courtyard .. and sat on the floor. Felt the Earth shake from side to side.

[Lasted a few seconds] but felt like eternity.
La Howla Wa La Quwata Illa Billa.
There is no power no might except from God.

Yes - we're in Safe Hands.

.. feel very much overwhelmed.
Came inside and read Surah Zilzaal.

Poor Earth.

May the Protection of Allah Almighty forever stay upon us, Ameen.

As if someone held our house and shook it side to side.

Poor animals.


A second tremor and doors moving -

One realises that our only Refuge is God Almighty. He is the Best of Protectors.

As is evident I wrote this just after we experienced a tremor.. A very scary experience, which I haven't quite recovered from to this day. After this day any loud noise or movement appeared overpowering and reminded us of the tremor. I could never imagine what the victims of earthquake disasters must have gone through, and how the memories of such tragedies affect people for the rest of their lives. Spiritually, I could not accept for some time, why this had happened. Why? It is a very testing time for peoples' faith. Nonetheless, many experiences negative in nature are necessary for human beings to grow more in their human-ness.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Pakistan Made Me Think: 3

Monday 6th March 2006 - Almost Asr time (3.30-4pm?)

'Nothing To Do'

Is there such a concept?

Can man ever enter a state where he really does have nothing to do?

How does one define nothingness?

Is it when one breaks away from the actions of ones daily structure of the day / week / month? To not do them; is that what nothing means? That one is not doing those standard daily routine jobs / activites?

I cannot believe we can be in the position of doing nothing at all. We're always doing something. We're not allowed to do nothing as even if we desired - our bodily functions - those millions of cell reactions would continue to do what they have been designed to do. Only, we would think that we are doing nothing, when a whole new world is being constructed around us all the while.

I think there's always something to do. Never, nothing.

And what we call nothing is also the created; one of God's many creations and handiwork. 'Nothing' will serve it's function and then go - for everything has a purpose for it's creation.

I wrote this one afternoon after having been in Pakistan for about 10 days. Mum and dads place out in the countryside - vast amounts of land; wheat fields and acres and acres of green land. A banana tree outside the gate to the house, a spot I played much as a child; a place we had pictures taken as little siblings. A massive courtyard, leading from it verandas with arches - and leading from them rooms to their dwelling. A dwelling where my great-great-grandparents were given land after being displaced due to flooding all those years ago. And a dwelling which the next generation may never see as an adult as it will again be flooded very soon.

Yes, there was seemingly nothing to do in such a fine spot. . .

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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Pakistan Made Me Think: 2

Monday 6th March 2006

As I sit here awaiting the time for 'Ishraak' to approach -
a thought crosses my mind:

The concept of time.

Or rather how we have limited the concept of time to looking at the watches and clocks tick tock ticking away. We have almost forgotten time as a concept 'away' from hours, minutes and seconds.

The use of the days' events and natural phenomena such as light, shadow, darkness and what activity one has done in a given amount of time-space seem now to be non-valued pieces of knowledge. Nanny appears to be one of the remaining from her generation of men and women who tell the time without the use of a clock. The position of the sun in the sky and the stars allows her to construct a fine estimate of what time it is.

We read that "By time, man is in loss." We cannot reduce time to a 24-hour system that we have limited its use to.

The adhan is helping construct the day. But the days and nights seem to be very long. Amazing as we use the same clock but it feels as if we have been here for a month -

Perhaps because we have slowed right down? Perhaps because we no longer live in the rat-race of life? Don't know! But I think now may be time for Ishraak!

I haven't seen a clock (for) more than a few times for a time-check!!!

Back home I'd see the clock a few times an hour at least -
I think, yes - time for Ishraak.

..Perhaps 7am..?

I wrote this one morning. I woke for the Dawn (Fajr) prayer and thought I'd stay awake for Ishraak; a prayer performed shortly after the sun has risen. I was so confused as to how much time had lapsed since my prayer because the clock was not in the room we were occupying. I realised that time means very different things in different circumstances and reached for my Journal.

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Friday, May 05, 2006


Pakistan Journal

Many people have requested that I share my Pakistani Journal with them.

Unfortunately, unlike the Granada Journal I wrote, my Pakistani one is not the same. I didn't actively walk around with a book and pen!

I perhaps mentioned to someone in the Comments section once that I have a Private Journal too. A book I was gifted by a dear friend two years ago as a Birthday present. It was the first time I started writing my thoughts in a book. I never kept a diary as a child because I didn't want to talk to a book. I also never understood what degree of 'open-ness' was required with bound sheets of paper. I mean what if I lied in the diary? Would I be lying to myself? Or what if someone read it? I would get embarrassed and go all red. Also, how much background information was needed in a diary? I couldn't understand it - so I left it.

When I was given the Journal, I decided that I would write what I felt and that it didn't matter if there was no background or detail in it. It was afterall for me; I didn't need to explain anything to myself!

So every now and again I write, sometimes a few times per week, and sometimes an entry every season :~) And it helps me alot in dealing with how I am feeling at that time.

My Journal sits on my shelf and is therefore easily available for anyone coming into my room. And I have never felt that my privacy would be invaded if someone were to read it; simply because there is no detail - just words. I often think that for those who read it - it would only be like reading words. Would they really understand why I wrote what I did and after what event? In a way it is similar to us humans; do people really understand what they read in us? Or are they only reading the exterior?

Whilst in Pakistan I made 8 entries in the Journal. I doubt very much that you, the reader will gain anything from reading them. And in all frankness I was somewhat embarrassed in sharing these as the manner in which they are written is not how I write my blog. Don't forget whilst writing my blog - I write it for an audience. My Journal is for myself on the other hand :o)

I hope that by reading the entries you will come to realise that the people we read about in these blogs have totally random thoughts too. And if you don't understand what you read - don't worry, you weren't meant to!

Peace & Prayers
Bint-eh Adam
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Pakistan Made Me Think: 1

2nd Safar 1427

2nd March 2006
Time: after Isha 8-9pm? (no clock)

Don't even know what to write...

Amazing few days -

I find it heart-rendering that man can reach a point where the suffering of fellow man means nothing to him. A state where one can become numb to the pain felt and expressed by fellow man. How did we ever reach that state as the Noble Children of Adam Alaislam? We have become so very selfish that care only about ourself. Why?

Why has man turned his back from aiding his fellow brother?

Life is indeed about opportunities and whatever we get in life is dependent upon the opportunities or blessings that come in our direction. And I understand that Al-Baqarah speaks about being tested with poverty and loss of crop - I realise God is the Most Just - The Source of all Justice that we see in this world before us. However, it becomes even more difficult to make sense of the selfish attitudes of mankind knowing that He is so Just.

I come to realise just how alone man actually is. We have lost the practise of the Hadith which called for the "wishing for ones' brother what you wish for yourself."

But how does one stay quiet, remain calm; unattached; numb and emotionless in the midst of such attitudes? How does one refrain from showing ones' disgust at the actions of Noble Creation?

I ask, is it this - my tablet of purification? Is this actually a scene - set, well-timed to check my response? Maybe this is the exam awaiting my attempt and after which I shall have found the key to unlocking the door wherefrom the Grand 'Opening' will emerge? Maybe?

There is no certainty -
For surely what we see before us is a mirage. It is the mind which thinks in rational and logical argument which often deceives the mind - and person with it.

It is not befitting for our minds to assume that we can read all there is to read about all that we see before us. There is also the Unseen. Our minds are programmed in very limited portions to think only so far as the symbols they interpret. And surely they interpret in limited amounts. The Reality is God Alone.

Poverty, selfishness and poor adhab inherent within human beings is not the Reality.

The Reality is God Alone: "For wherever you shall turn, you shall find the Face of God." All I request is that I be given patience to follow through this insight. Ameen.

I wrote this after a few days of being in Pakistan. It was the only way to come to terms with the poverty and human behaviour I observed around me.
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Midnight Electricians

I've only just had some pretty yellow tape put onto the AC Adapter that connects my laptop with yummy yummy food :~)

I was having problems with the laptop earlier today .. it kept dying out on me (not crashing) just stopping. Then after lunch it just 'went'. I got into panick-mode and started thinking about all the things I needed to do on the net.. and now couldn't. Oh - and the thought of having to find a good kind person to take a look at the machine.

I called my brother and asked him to pick me up on his way from work so I could do the important emails I needed to at his place and he arrived later in the evening. My brother had a splitting headache and asked if I could arrange a lift back. I called this person and emailed that one.. and got lots of advice.

Then he called his friend from whom he gets his IT stuff from and he asked that we remove the battery (similar advice I was given by someone I called). By magic, his headache was no more!

We came home and he grabbed the wire of the Adapter. Aha!

He pulled the wire connecting the box and broke it -

"Here is the problem" he said.

Well of course mate - you've just broken it ..

Better leave experts to it.. I thought.

He sat on the bed with a knife and scissors .. and after some fiddling around and a lecture on electric-trickery stuff..

Don't ask but my adaptor has some pretty yellow tape on it right now and he says it will last me another 3 years :o)

..Oh and also that he will get me a new adaptor from his matey by tomorrow InshaAllah.

Midnight Electrician?

I say that because he would have sat way past midnight if he had to - to get the thing up and running for me.

Brothers eh?

We love them x

And I was going to be phoning PC World tomorrow to ask if they could check out the laptop.. hehehe ~ We had a good laugh :-))
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