Saturday, December 17, 2005


My Knitting Mind-set

Greetings of Peace - Salam :-)

I managed to complete my first 'row' last night! Alhamdulila! Looking at the history of Knitting I was shocked to read:

"Knitting apparently was introduced into Europe by the Arabs, probably in the 5th century."

Moreso, the first Knitters were most likely the menfolk and they'd knit for hours whilst tending to their flocks. The women would gather wool from animals and spun it into yarns.

My own reason for starting this off is because I seriously believe we live in a time where we are forgetting the 'origins' of many things. Most children only see the 'final product' these days: they dont see the effort one goes through in making the final product.

As a child I saw my mum making Rasmalai from scratch - today many children see their mums' opening a packet of ready-mix and preparing it within an hour.. or even better popping to the local shop and buying a ready-made box within 5 minutes.

As a child I saw my parents sow seeds in the earth; clear the weeds; water and feed their plants. Many months would pass and I'd see a flower trying its best to open up. We would go and see it every day to see how much it had 'bloomed'. And one day we'd see the beautiful flower in all it's majesty smiling at us as the suns' golden rays would hit it and bounce on our faces.

As a child I saw how mum would spend days, weeks and many many months crotcheting a blanket for our beds. It would start with a stitch or two, then grow and grow and grow - until there was a beautiful blanket before us which kept us very warm.

Unfortunately though, the reality today for a lot of children is that they will only see mummy and daddy drive in their car and grab the box of Rasmalai. Many children may never get to see the blooming of a flower as our gardens are slabbed to make way for the swings and slides, since our parks have become so 'unsafe' for children to play in.

And as we are no longer able to crochet, knit or stitch to the degree of our parents - we will see children only get to wear hats, scarfs and sweaters from the High Street shops, or their Low Street equivalent.

My own feeling is that I believe this has an impact on our mind-set.

We become accustomed to seeing solutions rather than working towards them. Sounds familiar to my theory on the Magic Wand hey? Well this is all part of that thinking.

We see final products.

We don't see processes.

Peace and Prayers
Bint-eh Adam
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