Thursday, December 15, 2005


The Knitting Road To Recovery!



I purchased a pair of knitting needles earlier today from the markets.. alongside a bogey green coloured yarn :-D ...with Moofy Bears' mum - but her yarn is pink!

The one thing I remember to this day is not being able to knit a teddy-bear when my brother and sister knitted theirs at school.. I was put into the group which did tie & dye activities and had gruesome fun with boiled onions and rhubarb!

After that I tried endlessly with knitting needles but we always found other interesting things to do with them and yarn.. Mum gave up after a while, and so I missed - not only the ability to knit a scarf but also crochet :-(


All changes now, as I will endevour to learn this skill. In regards my hands: the advise I was given was to not totally rest them.. so I will do little bits and it will hopefully keep them active too.

I mean look at the possibilites: I will be able to knit a scarf, a jumper, a blanket, a woolly trousers, a shawl, another scarf, some gloves, er er er... !!!

I want to remind myself that things don't just 'happen' - one has to work hard to acheieve them. Thus I am hoping that in the techno-crazy world my being lives in - I shall be able to stitch and realise that stitch by stitch life is created and sustained here on earth.

To know that every little bit is essential for the final thing is akin to knowing that every single life event forms the end of our lives. During the course, there will be stitches which will need to be undone, knots needed to be tied and starting new rows.

Just like our life.

Peace & Prayers
Bint-eh Adam & her Knitting Needles - They actually need a name.. hmmm
Oh wow subhanAllah! Just yesterday I made a resolution to start knitting lessons again! And that's so that I can knit a teddy bear for my friend's new baby! You and I...we're gonna knit together inshaAllah! I have to wait for teacher to return home on Monday inshaAllah :D Wa salaam! xxx

Teacher? I am relying on the book!

Actually, quite a few people have now told me they want to start knitting! I say we start a revolution!!!

Wasalam x x x
Teacher = Mummy :P
a brother i know has started the crochet recently and hes only 22. his first piece took about a week and solt it to a neighbour for £20
Walaikumsalam Anonymous,

Trust men to make a living out of it.. *tut *tut !!

22 is actually 'old' for these skills as in many communities children start them under 10!! Most teens are also encouraged but something seems to happen when we get out of school.. almost as if we have 'matured' to leave such 'useless' skills behind.

Also, there are those who believe that such skills no longer serve a purpose as sweaters can be brought for as little as a fiver! and same for many other items which were knitted / crocheted.

Essentially though, I still believe that such skills are worth the effort as they serve a multi-purpose. So a big Well Done to your friend! So tell me, is it quite an 'in-thing' amongst young men then??

Bhaji-Jaani did you get started then? Did Teacher help you?

I have done about 12cm!!

Must admit though I can only to one row at a time, and then return to it after an hour or so. My left hand (wrist) feels a little distressed with some of the movements :-/

Wasalam :-)
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