Saturday, June 18, 2005


Tranquilart is still resting... still resting... still resting...

Polite Notice:

Please kindly DO NOT email or leave me messages for arts enquiries. I am UNABLE to assist with your enquiry until further notice.

Please read the following UPDATE post which should explain what Tranquilarts' current status is.

I welcome general comments & emails - however it is an immensely discouraging feeling to not be able to reply to enquiries. The pain in my hands doesnt always allow for a neatly composed email.. some days it is easy to email a paragraph, before I have a week of intense pain. I hope folk will understand.

There are many things I will be bloggind about soon, now that I have discovered to use the Microphone in a Word Document - but it may take several months before I can get someone to proofread the text etc.

My prayers for all.
Peace, salam
Bint-eh Adam

Many thanks for your emails & messages of support - keep them coming!
words continue here

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