Sunday, May 29, 2005


What is tranquilart doing?

A weaving machine in Tunisia... if you take a careful look on the left hand side.. up near the top of the machine.. I saw a page from the Holy Quran tucked inside the thread. I was very much inspired by this. Glory to God Above. SubhanAllah.

Update from here:

tranquilart is resting
tranquilart is resting
tranquilart is resting

Well what do I say - Salam :~)

I have had a great BIG spanking from a close friend of mine whose told me off in the most incredible way imaginable... yes she tumbled down on me like a tonne of bricks... a massive cannon exploded in my ears as she said:

"You are NOT using the computer!"

yep folks... I have been banned to using it once (or if necessary twice a week).

So what has Bint been up to??...

Well would I make myself believe that I actually managed to conquer my grand fear of reading chubby books! Although I love chubby people... I am reluctant to think likewise when it comes to books :~(


all changes!

Since returning from Tunisia .... disapointed at NOT managing to find my camels... I have managed to read quite a bit!

I got through the over 300 paged The Broken Cedar, read The Valkyries in a shot and The Zahir I completed within 24 hours!

My activities are becoming some-what limited... between reading, sleeping, listening to audios, sleeping, doing more reading, yet more sleeping... and of course engaging in converse with the Creator and talking through what my world consists of at present...

(btw - the sleeping is a method of managing pain :)

Last night I decided to dig out some Biology and Physiology texts... Vander, Sherman & Luciano? Any physiology students still read them? and Marieb?

I made a start on the Integumentary System... starting with Skin - I am still thrilled to learn that a simple 1 cm squared of skin contains over 70cm of blood vessels! I am hoping to cover the Bones & Skeletal System soon after!

God Bless the human body!
God is Great! Allah Hu Akbar!

I better go before my equilibrium shifts :~)

btw - earlier last week I read the following - its Wicked! May the Grace of God Almighty remain on UmmZaid and her household, ameen.

And should make us all give thanks for what we have!

Peace & Prayers

I better continue..

tranquilart is resting
tranquilart is r..
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Thursday, May 05, 2005



So this is where those four-legged humpy fellas have been hiding out! They left me many weeks ago upon my refusal to see their recommended physician.

I set out InshaAllah by the Grace of God Almighty in a few days to seek them out and ask them to return.

Amazing isn't it? That even in todays' technologically advanced era, man still finds it hard to live by with ease. A heaviness often weighs him down, and we see this commonly when man feels he has reached the peaks of success. The weight, as if were to pull him back onto earth. And isn't that the place where the camels have gone? Since the Sahara is earth... The lovely brown sand serving as a reminder to man that his true destiny resides beneath it not above it.

But as man continues to tread the earth bewildered in a mirage of success, it is only to his hearts' contentment that the voices of the desert call out. For these are the sounds from an oasis in which lies the gem that man would so much like to be the beholder of.

And as I say goodbye to the rushing traffic, the tall buildings which block the stary night-view, and the sounds of my modern machinery - I already sense my heart leaping out in excitement.

God Bless xx

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