Sunday, June 19, 2011


A Few Petals From The Garden

Here are a few petals which I saw this weekend in my garden:

This makes me happy, especially the way all petals look directly at you, as if to say "Hello there!"

Poppy petals remind me of poppy fields...

A giant poppy gives a lecture to baby poppies still in their infancy:

And whose hiding behind the leafs... Peek-a-boo!

A family of buds waiting to open up:

These gentle petals make me wonder whether there can ever be anything more soft?

This ones a darling with the bees and is as tall as me!

And this little fella couldn't help posing for the camera! Oh to grow between the slabs - what courage!

These greet me in their dozens with such dedication each morn:

Giant poppy shares a word of advice with a little one:

I brought this because it reminded me of candy:

And it all started when someone gave me black seeds for these sweet things:


MashaAllah, they're gorgeous! :) I miss England...
And England misses you! x
SubhanAllah! A veritable treat for the senses, and to think you hardly knew a thing about tendering a garden not that long ago, Masha'Allah!

It really wasn't as difficult as I thought!
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