Wednesday, June 08, 2011


My Nostalgic Work Journey

The bus route for my current job is not only nostalgic but also a reflective process which has allowed me to focus on the three stages of my life:
Past, Present, Future.

As I close the door and walk out towards the bus stop I think about where I currently am: my present.

What is going on in my head?
What do I recall from last night?
What happened from the time I lay my head in bed to waking up?
My dreams?
My prayers?
Where am I today?

I take two buses to get into work. The first bus journey takes me into a momentary time-warp as it goes past the place where a hospital once stood: my past.

This is where I was born.
Here I breathed my first, 'delivered' from foetal comfort.
Little, fragile me.

This single moment holds an exchange of the present and past.

As these thoughts busy my mind, the second bus journey starts.
I am off to college: my future.

A return to full-time work.
An opportunity to extend my skills.
A broadening of my horizons, insights and aspirations.
I wonder where I will be once my job finishes after a few months.
What has God Almighty got in store for me?

One day ends and another dawns.
The journey starts again.
The nostalgia returns.
A reflection follows.

Photographs: Autumn 2010


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