Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Caravan to Tranquilart

Assalamu alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

Dearest ONE!!!!!!

May you and yours be RADIANT in the purest of SNOW!!!!! Oh how wonderful!
Me....mooching here with a fever and furnace throat and nasty nasty chest....but JUST HAD TO TURN this computer on and get this to you....have been meaning to connect for days...but....JUST pushed myself!!!! Have a giggle, that's me in the middle waving a huge loving Salam!!! to the Butterfly of Brum....but don't go out in the snow or your wings will be damaged!....JUST wondering where and how you are??? Oh wouldn't it be marvelous to go on such a trek!

Love and
Wassalamu alaikum
Aunty Noor
hope my sneezes do not attach themselves with this!

Uhkt Noor Al Madania

Aunty Noors' emails are too precious for them to stay in my Inbox. I pray you don't mind me sharing here :-)

I'm so sorry folks - I've not been here! Thank you for the emails. I've just been feeling really tired in recent weeks.

I just realised that Blogger is forcing people to sign-up for gmail! I think eventually in the next few months I may aswell migrate over to Wordpress. Any help on that would be great from my fellow blogging community - when I do that.

I promise I will blog an 'Update' in 2006-style once again in weeks to come.

I have some bloggy news:
the entry on beloved Shaykh Hamza the 'Noble Man from Zaytuna' is almost complete. I also wanted to blog a little more on death, aswell as the other two promised ones: 'Paulo Coelho' and 'Us like the Chalice'. Finally, I have found inspiration to write what may be a Part Deux to the Magic Wand Theory! My months of thinking about the concept of 'Submission' may well be this second episode.

I am well, good, dandy and a goon as ever. Just very tired these days.

Much Love, Peace and Prayers from Camel-Land x x x x

Assalamu alaikum,
When I first opened this page I began to giggle seeing that fanciful image of the caravan I prepared to send, then as I scrolled down it was EEEEKKKIEEES…my email to you in its total unabashed reality…I thought, oh here we have the seed of reality blogging!!! Something written in private suddenly exposed publicly made me feel somewhat funny! Then the beauty of the lesson sank deeply, and this I have to say JazakiLlahu khairan Ya Binti! Because the ultimate truth is that all we do, including that which we feel is a string of words sent privately to some one is KNOWN by Allah Ta'ala. Each and every nuance and expression. SubhanAllah. This became a reflective gift, a time to ponder on my actions and thoughts and words and to reassess what I do with the time spent bashing away here. 'And if we do not see Allah Ta'ala, He certainly sees us!' May we all be more mindful of all we engage ourselves with. Ameen.
And next time I will have to make sure I am wearing FULL NIQAB as I wave from my camel! :) :)
Insha'Allah you are soon blessed with mountains of Spring energy from Allah Ta'ala. Ameen.
Wassalamu alaikum
MashaAllah :)
Hope you're doing okies sis xxx

x x x x x x x

Thank you
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