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Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.
Roger Miller

I went out today. When I was done with my outing I walked towards the bus stop seeing the rain come down. I thought for a moment whether I should walk all the way home. It would take me about 35 minutes to get home or I could get the bus and be home in 5! Tough decision: Shall I? Shan't I? Shall I? Shan't I?

So I did! I put my wrapping scarf on top of my headscarf so my head doesn't get too wet and started walking. The rain was mild and not accompanied by the fierce wind or chill so I wasn't exactly battling the storm. Plus I need to walk to keep my joints exercised and as I don't go out everyday - I need to grab hold of the opportunity as and when it arises.

I dont know how to drive a car so I rely on my legs alongside public transport.

It was a pleasant walk despite being alongside a very long stretch of shops on a main road and at a time when many schoolkids were leaving school with their hand in their mums! As I walked I noticed people in their cars, and people with umbrellas. I don't carry an umbrella (as a child I loathed them - I used to carry it when I was working) and these days it is too difficult for me to keep my hand in an upright position as it puts undue strain on my elbow.

I thought for a moment about the rain. And about what it must be like to hide away from the rain everytime it comes down. What must it be like to live a life where you have always avoided walking in the rain because you were afraid of getting wet? What if it never rains again? Would we then miss the rain? Global warming has already lead to erratic weather conditions.. how long has it been since I last made a snowman? Already now we see less snow than in the past.

I am not speaking of extreme weather conditions here. I am speaking of the gentle mixture we are presented and blessed by God Almighty. I am speaking of the drizzly spells that come down so gently.

I walked all the way home and thought about the angels which must be accompanying the raindrops. Hundreds and thousands of them.

I realised that the opportunity to be immersed in this angelic ambience should be honoured. Who knows how I feel tomorrow? Who knows the state of my being in days to come?

Sometimes we unduly keep ourselves away from things which pose no real harm or threat in life. I may not know why the raindrops fall - and quite frankly it is not my concern to know why they fall when they do: but I do have a decision to make. It is my choice to enjoy their company or reject their fall. And today I chose to be graced by their charm.

Peace and prayers
Bint-eh Adam

salam baji..kese ho???
:) hope ur good, havent spoken to you for a while huh?

i drove in the rain today for the first time!!!!!!!!!! [big thing for me cos I am still learning]

BTW do u know ur 'adopted niece' and her parents are in jordan!
[my bhabi and bro are there, she told me yesterday!]

neways speak to u soon

luv u loads
Walaikumslam dear x x x

Alhamdulila all is great :-) Fabady-doo!
Soz dear - don't think I'll be having MSN for a while. Problem is when I cannot speak on different windows at one time, as it demands more faster typing speed from me - and with my poorly hands I really can't afford to hasten. I suddenly have a rush of windows opening up and it's too hard :'(

... but who knows eh ;-)

I knew that my sdopted niece and mum were away [not in Jordan] but didn't know about her dad. Alhamdulila I am real happy they got the chance to trek to Jordan.. I did receive an 'out of office' reply - perhaps that sums it up then! May it be a trip of great openings for them all! Ameen! And for your bro / sis-in-law!

And all the best with your wet driving :-)
How is life anyhow? What are you up to these days??

Wasalam & Rihla love
x x x x x

Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 1.807
Narrated by Zaid bin Khalid Al Juhani

The Prophet led us in the Fajr prayer at Hudaibiya after a rainy night. On completion of the prayer, he faced the people and said, "Do you know what your Lord has said (revealed)?" The people replied, "Allah and His Apostle know better." He said, "Allah has said, 'In this morning some of my slaves remained as true believers and some became non-believers; whoever said that the rain was due to the Blessings and the Mercy of Allah had belief in Me and he disbelieves in the stars, and whoever said that it rained because of a particular star had no belief in Me but believes in that star.' "
Angels accompanying raindrops!? Expand you lil pakori!

I love walking in the rain - so long as I'm suitably dressed. Unless I'm in the back garden in which case it doesn't matter how I'm dressed!

Wa salaam!

Angels accompanying raindrops!? Expand you lil pakori!

I love walking in the rain - so long as I'm suitably dressed. Unless I'm in the back garden in which case it doesn't matter how I'm dressed!

Wa salaam!

Every raindrop that falls is accompanied by an Angel, for even a raindrop is a manifestation of being.

-Prophet Muhammad Alaislam


Bhaji-Jaani x x x This is what I was taught.

Why do you get drenched in the back garden? For fun shun?

And why did you repeat yourself - I see an extra puppie on your second post ;-)

Wasalam dumpling

Re Takbir: Allah Hu Akbar!

Interesting - though I don't see the link between my post and the Hadith :-/ Soz - Please do care to explain :-)
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