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Decisions, Choices and the like

We all take decisions, choices and options in life. It is important to be aware of the consequences of these acts.

Just me 'offloading' some thoughts being churned from Camel-Land! Obviously we will not know the conclusive event which results after the decisions we make. However we do need to be a tad bit aware that choice red may lead to events blue and grey.

Those of us who are lucky to live in an environment where we dictate the life we wish to live, are faced daily with decisions. Decisions on lighter things such as what shoes to wear [afterall many of us are lucky to have more than one pair of footwear] to decisions on more heavier or deeper issues such as whether to purchase a copy of Big Issue(?) or comment against an offensive article. We also make the choices regarding whom we wish to speak to and to what level.

So what am I moaning this time...?

Everyday we are faced with decisions to make and it is our responsibility to be familiar with the consequences of those decisions. The Holy Text states there is "no compulsion" in religion - we choose to believe or not. We are decision-makers.

Yes, we are allowed to decide as we see befitting.

However, problems occur when our decisions result in another life being affected negatively. We are all allowed to be happy - but not at the expense of saddening others. Just as we are all allowed to love - but not at the expense of spreading hatred between others.

So we are all allowed to choose, make decisions and opt for certain things in life - but not by compromising the opportunities that others have.

Finally, we must shoulder the responsibility for our decisions. If we are making certain choices - then we must acknowledge full responsibility for the ripples they make in the vast sea of life. If our worlds are littered with countless examples of times when we have made decisions that have lead us to be sad, unsuccessful or at a loss, then we need to ask why.

Why have we failed to see the [negative] impact of some of our decisions? Why are we failing to do 'risk assessments' of the 'bigger' decisions in life?

Would it not be wise to ask yourself before making a decision 'why' am I doing this? Why am I making a decision which is so risky that it may mean me spending many moments in anxiety? Or: Why do I allow my pride and ego to stop me from making a decision which I know will give me peace?

We choose because we can.
Fear the moment when we will have little choice in certain matters.

Prayer for Decision-Making

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La Howla Wa La Quwata Illa Billa.
And there is no Power nor Might except from God Almighty.

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Indeed we are responsible for the decisions that we make. Alhamdulillah we have been blessed with the Prayer of Guidance whereby we are able to ask Allah ta'ala to guide us in our lives' decisions. Of course we shouldn't forget the importance of 'mashwara' i.e. taking advice from our elders and experienced around us.

One thing Ammi always says is that if you ever have no one to talk to, talk to the wall. That is, speaking about something out loud sometimes helps clarify issues in life. Sounds crazy, but alhamdulillah I take it as good advice :)

Wa salaam xxx
:-) Salam

I love your Ammis' suggestion :-D MashaAllah! Never thought about that.
Thanks dear x x x
salaam sister!

making choices which have negative results builds up experience.. the experience to not go down that route again.. thats a benefit which i see from making the wrong moves.

"Fear the moment when we will have little choice in certain matters." - a good quote mashallah

Yes that's an interesting point you make there. Thanks.
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