Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Some people just never learn



What have I gone and done now?

I'm down with the chills, shivers, aches and pains.. eyes are stinging, hands are burning; I'm sweating and feet are freezing cold. Head and back are very poorly too.

All because...

I decided to be a super-hero and spend some time cleaning out the rubbish in my room. Although I now have 50% of the room clean and 'sorted' I am officially a fine example of how some people just never learn from their mistakes !!!

What I should have done was to do the cleaning on the one day and rested for a while [like I did last time]. However the goon that I am - I thought: "hey my hand feels OK, I can really do this if I try!"

And so I did two days of cleaning in a row!

I managed to sort out my art stuff and now the top shelf of the bookcase and desk is done. I decided to start from top --> down [to ensure the dust gets cleaned].

But it was that buggery-boo dust that caused my current state to some extent!

It is indeed at times like this that I feel I do not uphold the Philosophy of the Tranquilart Project that I envisaged so well. I feel a complete hypocrite to what I set out to convey through this initiative.

Tranquilart asserts itself on the motto of a Butterfly.

The humble butterfly is the universal metaphor for change.

And this is what Tranquilart believes: that change is possible! Of course there are various levels of change; the highest being 'Spiritual Change'.

What I am still failing to do is to realise that I need to "slow down". I need to change my attitude towards the 'rush' in getting things done.

I ask myself:

What would have happened if I did not clean that heap of trash?

What difference has it made to me now that I over-exerted myself and have a lot of the room sorted? Has it made my 'healing' any better?

In fact it hasn't because now I must await at least the rest of this week till my energy levels are high again to move onto the next part of "tidying up".

If I left things as they are -

okay so the place would still make me cringe and shudder. BUT it's not like hundreds and thousands of people would have died? The skies would not crash to the ground? Nor would the earth split in two had I not resorted to becoming a super-Nomad!

And this is so true with our lives also.

Some times we force our beings to undergo certain situations and events in life which really really should and could be avoided.

If only man had the patience to wait that little bit longer he would realise that everything is possible - but only through God Almighty.

If I am to promote the Philosophy of Tranquilart - I need to practise some of this in my own life.
Moreso now than ever before..

I am no longer someone who had two seperate diaries because there was so much to cram into the day.

I am not the person who trekked through six different areas in this city within a 5-day week to teach.

I am not the person who would receive so many emails that I had to set an auto-responder and give myself a 10-day period to reply to them.

I am not this person at all !!!

And the sooner I realise this the better.

Greeting of Peace & Prayers

Bint-eh Adam
Ya Allah sis.
If I lived anywhere near you, I would come and tidy up for you, exactly as you would wish it done :(
Wa salaam
Assalamu Alaykum Sis Daughter of Adam,

I hope you feel better soon inshAllah. Have you thought about visiting these guys ??? I totally believe in the hollistic fing....

****And Epoppie! So *this* is where you hang out ehh!!

P.S D O A....You don't know me but I was looking for something here.....

From A Random Blog Lurker.....
Salam Epoppie Bhaji-Jaan :o)

Thanks alot my dear, your sentiments weigh heavily for me.

I have had a few offers of cleaning-help but the proble is that I need to physically 'sort-out' the various bits and pieces >_<

I am such a dumbo though - I have felt the urge to tidy-up all day... Fever is over but have got a bit of a cough.

:-) x
"A Random Blog Lurker"


And welcome to Camel-Land.
Come into the tent for a cup of tea.. it's awfully cold these autumn days :)


And.. er.. what were you looking for?

This is not the Lost Propety HQ you know! :-D

In any case - on a serious note, thanks for popping-by I love visitors.

Mohsin Institute:
Believe me ALOT of people have already recommended these guys.

I have a whole list of things / people to visit and remedies to try. I just wanted to get the room out of the way so I can think a little less "cluttered" and then get cracking on those.

Thanks anyhow.

And since you know my Bhaji-Jaan - I'm sure she will tell me who you are.. won't you Bhaji? ;o)

Wasalam, duas
Wa alaykum as salaam :)
Sis BeA: Add lots of honey and whole olives to your list :)

What are you doing here? In fact, where have you been all day :'(

Sis BeA: Me was the sis who first intro'd me to your work a long long time ago...she's into ARTy things ;) MashaAllah :)
Salam dear E-Poppie Bhaji-Jaan,

Hmm.. the plot thickens eh? or rather becomes 'arty' eh???!

C'mon 'me' introduce yourself - I hate this anonymity business. Nobody can ever claim to be 'anonymous' as God Almighty already knows who they are! It's bizarre! Plus, I hate surprises and I get freaked out very very quickly :-D SO.. who are ya? What art mediums do you use? Are you W.Mids based? If so, hope your gonna apply to the BMAG do-dah!

Bhaji-Jaan - thanks for the Honey and Olives tip too.

At present one of the first priorities is the Room!

It really is a mess, I did another 10% yesterday and also managed to put away my washing after a week [an excuse to re-tidy the wardrobe]. But there is lots and lots to do. It is now, officially "beyond a joke". I sat on my bed crying as I just could not get beyond putting the little bit that I did. It reminded me of my helplessness. There is so much to organise, I still have not started on any of the paperwork yet.

Without sounding like a sympathy-gainer, I need to apply for the tax rebate, sick-persons' benefits and complete my Passport renewal form - but it is just so so trying to do.

I try my best to ignore the mess. But the cluttered surroundings really do get to me on certain days.

My heart goes out to all those people out there who are living in such situations. We really need to be more merciful to all those, for I know [and have seen] many women living in worse conditions due to their personal circumstances.

It really is beyond a question of "just tidy it up".

May God ALmighty give us all strength. Ameen.

Wasalam, love and Peace
x x x

13 / 11 / 2005
Assalamu Alaykum DOA,

You really don't know me honest :)

As for mediums...I am studying silversmithing right now, I don't tend to use paints, pastels etc for recreational use anymore *boohoo*. My "love" affair with fine art died in 2000 and I am still slightly heartbroken.

As for where I am based, sadly not in west mids....Why do you guys always have the cool exhibitions? What about us southerners! I was thinking about making some silver fretwork islamic calligraphy designs especially FOR that exhibition thing and then I read the restriction to west mids ppl BAH HUMBUG!

I wish I lived near you....I'm especially good at organizing paperwork/items and cleaning (sometimes I enjoy these tasks, sickening isn't it?)


I really do hope you feel better soon inshAllah, I'm not very good with words (sorry) but you are officially in my duas inshAllah :)



P.S - Epoppie...Sorry I wasn;t around the other day....I'll catch up with you later inshAllah

P.P.S DOA- Sorry for turning your comments into a chat forum...Watch out Deenport Eh!


Sounds fab dear - welldone!

>>I don't tend to use paints, pastels etc .. My "love" affair with fine art died in 2000..

My dear don't be heartbroken, these things happen & life is about "embracing change with loving arms" as they say. Something we seldom remember is that no skill goes wasted, just as Allah Almighty says that "no good deed goes to waste" - everything will be given its' due measure.

I can empathise with you [though I do work from acrylics and pastels now]- I am not from an 'arts' background academically. I enjoyed art but could never understand why we had to be "taught" how to express ourself. Thus I abandoned it at a very young age and pushed it to the backest part of my brain.

I just wasn't interested in watching the teacher construct really hard art projects for us and ask us to bring in homework about it all! I re-discovered my creative flair years later. I guess I was "cleaning up" and came across the backest part lol!

In any case, I can no longer work on glass - as the paint triggers migraines and thus I moved onto other mediums. I think this is natural for creative folk as they 'get bored easily' - well I do at least.

So don't you worry painter-turned jeweller!

I take it your Bhaji-Jaans' little sister? The website is beautiful. I am a lover of bracelets - though have not been able to wear them for these many months. In fact we are preparing an blog slot for that love :o) So keep tuned!

>>Why do you guys always have the cool exhibitions? What about us southerners!

Ahem - am I the only one who is sick of hearing "you turn a stone and find an artist in London" ?!
The number of enquiries you Southerners give myself and other Midlanders here is remarkable. I feel so shocked. I thought you guys had it all ;o) hehe - "Just get up and go" Thats me motto for you all!

>>I was thinking about making some silver fretwork islamic calligraphy designs especially FOR that exhibition thing and then I read the restriction to west mids ppl BAH HUMBUG!

InshaAllah my dear keep your idea sealed in an envelope. You never know where you will be able to use that idea one day..

>>I wish I lived near you....

I bet you wouldn't say that if you DID live here :-D

>>you are officially in my duas inshAllah :)

I say that sounds fantastic, I mean FANTASTIC!


er.. no DOA that reminds me of: Dead On Arrival! Bint for short dear x x

>>Sorry for turning your comments into a chat forum..

Fiqr Not my love! I don't mind. And why should I.
Here at Camel-Land we lurve visitors. Pop down anytime - the world is welcome .. er.. That's a NO to bogus advertisers by the way.

God Bless
Wasalam love & a string of silver
Bint-eh Adam

Lol mashaAllah you guys are funny :)

Zara is my lil sis as BeA is my little sis :D

But she is definately more sensible, creative and humorous than I am :P MashaAllah :D

So she isn't your REAL REAL sister? As Bint is not your REAL REAL sister?

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