Thursday, October 27, 2005


Kenyan camel library: Photo journal



Genius...This, tranquilart and everything in Camel-Land.

Love your artworks sister. Fer real. *Swoon* =)

Walaikumslam Tasnim :)

Alhamdulila, thanks for the kind comments!

Nice of you to have popped-by; here at Camel-Land we love visitors. Care to share a tent?

PS - Why haven't you 'enabled' you profile? Who/where did you hear about this oasis?

Love, Wasalam & a bag of special dates

Sure arabian green tea, sandstorms and camel rides, Why not? Make me a space, I'll bring my sleeping bag right over :)

I never bothered with the profile, because well...I kind of abandoned my blog a year ago. And I can't do profiles. *Pout*, but there ya go, I've enabled it =)

Stumbled by this place whilst I was searching British muslim artists. =)


Hey you - I think I have stopped by your dwelling in the past ;-)

And thank you so very dearly for enabling that profile. So why did you guys go offline? Looks like you had a group-do going there..


I am :)

hey speaking of tents.. please try to support this venture in whatever capacity:

Perhaps you guys can do a group donate?

Make sure you're wearing those thermals in this weather Tasnim - Keep warm

Wasalam x

Well, growing up got in the way, and so the blogging ceased.

Jazak'Allah for the link.

Thermals?...Nope, feet matter, socks matter. Except, I'm sure they're all matching pairs when I buy them *squint* =|

Anyway. Take Care. Oh and the Cultural Fair looks fun-some, and Birmnghams in the neighbourhood. =)

Walaikumslam dear

Growing up? You mean you put your life on hold whilst you 'grew up?'

Gosh.. doesn't sound like fun to me :-/

ICF - yeah pop down it is supposed to be marketed as one of the 'Biggest Shopping' experiences of the year. So shop, shop, shop and be happy that you have contributed towards the charity work elsewhere.

Put our lives on hold?...Mhm.
Alas! Not enough time to twiddle our thumbs and muse about nothing, experiment with toffee dipped in coffee and what wall plaster might taste like. Nope growing up's no fun, nor the blogging. =|

Khair, I'd like to get Shopper-Happy at ICF, Insha'Allah. =)

Toffee dipped in Coffee?

Careful dear - you heard of food poisening?! Hope you manage to pick a few 'ole bargains at the ICF :D
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