Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I'm not leaving just yet my dear Bint : )

Oh Dearest Bint-eh Adam,

What is this I hear you say?

That I shall leave very soon?

Why I still have some time to go?

How did you forget that the Greater Night within me still awaits you?

So come and seek it out,

That you may be at Peace -

That you may find the Breeze you so-much desire.


It's foolish for you to say "Ramadhan is almost over".

I have, but, just started,

So seek the Night of Power and energise your spirit,

And don't you forget my dearest host that you once before experienced a life-changing moment,

All in just 5 days,

All in just the moments of standing in Arafaat,

All in just the few steps around The Great Sanctuary,

Or it's mere glance -

So :

Fear not,

I'm not leaving just yet my dear Bint.


great blog mashallah!! Love the pics in the posts.

Take Care,

Anjum Kasmani
Walaikumaslam DJ Anjum!

Thanks for popping-by and for your kind comment.

So, a bit of a cricket fan are ya?!

Wasalam, duas and a bat
Seek it out? :s

How do you seek it out?

Is that metaphorical for something?

Dearest Saffy,

In regards your question about how to seek it,

Click here for information

In essence:
1. One should concentrate more on prayers and worship on the last ten nights of Ramadan than the first twenty nights, in the same way as one should do more worship in Ramadan than in the other months.

2. One should keep oneself awake for prayer, worship and glorification of Allah in the last ten nights of Ramadan so that one can attain the blessings of Lailat-ul-Qadr.

Hope that helps?

Let me know if it doesn't :)

Wasalam x
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