Sunday, February 27, 2005



Aslaamu Alaikam

Greetings of peace from the depth of my heart and soul

Praying everyone is well.
My apologies for taking down the Tranquilart website temporarily, and I hope that you will all be patient until it goes back online. This is not Daughter of Adam typing however here are some reflections I wrote earlier this week:

Oh my limbs, my dear limbs the cry was heard -
You were the cause of destruction,
And from you issued forth my salvation,
And now even you are leaving me to my misery?

Is this Your Sign oh Creator of these limbs so fine and beautiful;
So perfected there are -

With them we grasp the rope you throw unto us and with them do we hold onto the threads of faith.
And with them we weave dreams of hope, in each is this rebellious limb brought to humility.
And in the stitching of this thread do we attain an element of control over their actions.

Actions which could be potential for our spiritual downfalls on the one hand -
Actions which could steer this spirit into a state off realisation on the other.
Actions without intentions,
Actions without thought of consequences.

But Your continued Grace oh Lord of the Forgiver of my Father Adam,
Your Grace continues to bewilder me. For I feel like a free deer running in the forests of life. I have already fleed from the treaches of being. I am the bird who flew from the cage with clipped wings; I am the fish who survived on shore; and the star that shone bright during the day - for I am simply what my Lord is making of me.

Peace and prayers
Wasalam, Duas

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
As-salaamu Alaikum dear sister,

Where shall I guide my camels?
The light of the moon has flooded the landscape!

O Beloved Ones who turn herein, may Allah give you health
May God make your awareness and intention sound
May God bring you in readiness to the center of real beginning.

[Women called to the Path of Rumi- Shakina Reinhertz. aik tu yai copyright, har jaggah saath lei kar janni partey hai] * sort the grammer and transliteration for me Bint*

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