Saturday, February 19, 2005


Getting ready for the Tranquilart Challenge - being as cruel as I am.. I decided to test the medics, humanities and theology students to paint on a canvas entitled 'The Garden'. Rules were: There was to be no figurative art / English text or Flags (!) - pure creativity... There was no clarification given for those poor first years who asked me: 'What Garden do you mean?' Quite deliberately! Initially the two canvases were done by a specific gender.. until creativity over-powered the atmospehere and 'infiltration' occured! So essentially the resultant canvases represent a collective effort :-) The aims were many.. here are the main 2: first to get individuals to realise that change can be made in ones' life, secondly to actively think about the Garden. Amazingly enough the students did really well and it was a trying task to get them to stop once they got started! The end result?... well two beautiful canvases - one for the men and one for the women... and Tranquilarts' message (in case you guys havent read it behind the canvases): "Study Hard & Shine A Light For the World" God Bless you all and thanks for having me there! See you soon - oh - and a quick prayer for my hand please :~)
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