Thursday, June 29, 2017


A Pinch In My Soul

Ever had one?

I have been teaching adults in the 'community' seasonally for a few years now. Recently whilst speaking to a young woman it transpired that she had never been taught about man's landing on the moon. In fact she couldn't believe that humans had begun space exploration a few decades ago.

Time stood still for a while as I tried to gather my own thoughts and respond to this in an on-your-feet respectful manner. I managed something. Good.

Sometimes it feels like living between two worlds.

I check my FB and find several stories in my newsfeed: the campaigns; health remedies; alternative living and thinking workshops; political events in some obscure part of the world - oh heck! And then the reality: many people on my own doorstep are unaware of simple facts. I reason we all can have a lack of opportunity, support and networking know-how in different ways.

I'm on a seesaw of sorts.

Post Ramadan reflections I think to myself.

This parallel living is not something unique to myself though. Luckily, speaking to others, they too have experienced similar moments when they have a ‘time stood still’ moment. 

I started calling it a pinch in my soul a while back. It's a topic riddled with so many examples that I fear this post becoming into something else.

I am quite convinced that we all experience it from time to time though. Although we each deal with it differently. It’s those times when you reflect, I mean REALLY reflect! The teary eyed type which makes you grateful for all you have and makes you stop complaining about the few things you don’t have (yet).

I believe it starts in childhood and revisits us throughout our life. Just that sometimes we are numb to it, sometimes we ignore it and other times are immersed in distraction.

It’s those times where you readjust the balance sheets and truly believe that you have a lot going for you. This despite knowing that we are all born with advantages and disadvantages in society. It’s known as gratitude (sometimes) and gives you strength. 

Back to me: I guess I see it as a privilege to have been part of the learning journey for several learners from a diverse background. Each of us is presented with such a privilege if we recognise it.

The pinch in my soul should remind me of what I have.

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