Saturday, February 25, 2017


Translating Signs

Ideas, signs, symbols and suggestions are all around us. 

They may come in different forms. But it’s up to us to translate those into our own life in a format which will sit well. Things have multiple meanings and each of us is interpreting all the while. This is the hardest thing. We hear an inspiring story, we meet someone offering kind words. But how do we employ their sharing into our own life?

It can look overwhelming and complicated. But it doesn't have to be. 

Somtimes though it is complicated and that is where we need to go and get explicit help and assistance. It may well be a temporary feeling. But in good time rest assured you will find things more objective and less overwhelming.

The road called life experience contains several toolsets along it's stretch. I would be very surprised if we haven’t already picked a few up. If you disagree, then perhaps ask yourself if maybe your tools are stored in a safe place somewhere. 

Most of us have a habit of taking things and storing them away safely. 

As spring is around the corner, consider some spring cleaning – often it’s a great way of unearthing things we picked up all those years ago.

Digging deep.

Soul searching.



One of these is bound to work.

Each of us has already accrued a set of tools to translate the messages we are being given (all the while) into a meaningful reality.In instances where you feel transaltion is being lost, then the wisest option is to submit.


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