Friday, August 21, 2015


Follow Your Creative Spirit

My belief is that we are all creative. To what degree, is another question.

How we define creativity as individuals determines the manifestation of this human ability. It is more than an ability; it is a gift we have been given. Our momentary understanding of the world can sometimes help or hinder how we express this gift. As too can the circumstances we find ourselves in. In any case it is important to follow your creative spirit and see how it can transform your perception.

Islamic arts, in my view (traditionally) held this power. This transformative power to help change an individual's perception of themselves and their circumstances. 

Deciding to follow your creative spirit (in the broadest sense of the word) entails an adventure as you don't quite know what the end result will look like. That process of adventure includes also: the fear of uncertainty, the reliance on God and the acceptance of your own limits. 

There is something exciting about the mystery of not knowing where your adventure will take you. And although there is the fear element, it is the submission to God which paves the way for your confidence to grow.

The end result is rewarding. Even if, it is because you understood the benefits of the process and the nearness to God that it brought you.

Artwork: continuation of the work on The Garden.
Made by hand on Eid night (July 2015). I thought of my dad and how this was my first Eid without him, may God shower him with blessings in heaven.

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Lovely ما شاء الله
I find anything creative very therapeutic too...

Thanks Yearning Heart - a nice Flickr site you have there.
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