Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Finding Red in the Garden

As November sets in I was keen to find the red which is still giving colour to my garden.

Red is one of the first colours we see - oh yeah the colour of our blood! It's a lovely colour and as I come to see the gradual decline of sunny days, it adds a kind of vibrance to the garden. This is especially true when I look out on a cloudy day.

Right beneath the grey skies I see colour so bright. I marvel at the Lord's creation.

Two opposing ends of the spectrum; one dark, dull and depressing. Yet the other; bright, beautiful and blissful.

What a lovely start to November. 'That I still have beauty to look at' fills my heart with excitement!

Watching nature's great ways in the hope of increasing my faith. Oh what an opportunity that is...

But do I recognise these red friends on my own days of gloom? Am I reminded of the Majestic Lord when my cup looks half empty?

Oops... I am all ready for yet another complaint!

I am all set for another rant!

Sometimes oblivious to my own blessings, I am heading for another moment of reflection!

Dearest readers, do join me again but for now go and find some red where you are!

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