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Paining in the Rain

Erratic weather conditions thanks to global warming meant that the April Showers were delayed, leaving us here in this glorious city of mine, with a warm month wherein we had alot of sun fun.

As I look back at the month of May I find myself recalling a month full of wet, wet, wet weather!

Rheumatic Rain!

Rain which brought with it many angels
yet also a deep parable for me:

to think,
and immerse me into.

The many weeks of damp weather brought out the pain in the elbows, hands and wrists. There is no real pattern for the pain, it comes and goes as it pleases - but the rain does make it worse than in dry and sunny climate.

It's very interesting to know that the Rain which God Almighty sends gives 'life'. Rain is a blessing when it soaks the dry land with its' essence and brings sustenance to whole communities through its' graceful properties. On the other hand we know that too much rain is a cause for distress when floods threaten life and existence.

For myself then, rain proved to be a powerful lesson.

It was as if the raindrops were droplets of ink: falling onto the papered earth to write a message for me. The puddles akin to paragraphs of wisdom: trying their best to dictate an instruction; a something I should learn.

"But my endevours are fruitless!" I cried.
"I do not understand the language of the rain!"

Tradition teaches us that rain is one of the best of times to pray in. It is indeed a time for angelic ambience.

Tradition also teaches us that the sick are surrounded by the angels. Sickness is viewed as a process of purification and one of the means by which closeness to God Almighty is achieved.

I pondered on awhile...

The pain continued to persist.

My eyes wandered;
glaring at the skies and then returning to experience the momentary sensations:
like light music playing in the background whilst I went about my irregularities each day.
I guess it's like having a spot on your face which is 'just there' and although your life doesn't stop for it: it does occaisionally remind you of it's presence.

Slowly I began to realise the language of these tiny raindrops.

Rain comes and washes away all that existed before it -
these moments of stiffness that I feel may also wipe away the many mistakes and sins I have accumulated?

I realise that the rain does indeed give life by the Permission of God Almighty,
but if today this very same rain is giving me sensations of pain - then that too must be to give me 'eventual' life by His Permission?

That if these raindrops were being carried so mercifully by those angelic creations which we cannot see,
then the twitchings which waken me from sleep during the early hours must also be accompanied mercifully by those angelic beings?

Do I tell the world that I am a student of the rain?

Do I tell the world that this pain is my teacher?

I stop for a moment.
"I am sure the whole world was designed to teach me?" I ask myself.
"But I have just been able to recognise two of His Great Signs?"

How many more of His Great Signs must be littered in this vast creation of His?

Becoming overwhelmed.
I feel the presence of these tears tonight.
Wipe them away. It is almost 1am.

"My Lord.."
I begin a prayer -

My Lord,

Give me the ability to recognise Your Signs in my life.
This life is a gift from You,
And at times I value not this precious treasure,
So give me Signs that help me to continuously cherish this fortune which You have honoured me with.


Good Night.
Peace & Prayers
x x x x x x

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