Sunday, December 10, 2006


Am I Public Domain?

Does blogging mean one is sharing too much of their personal stuff with the cyber-world? Some well-wishers caution to be careful about the extent to which we share.

This is a topic that myself and friends have spoken about to great lengths, especially after the beebs stuff on Tranquilart. Some people would never even think about blogging, simply because it is too 'personal'. And I believe that.

I also believe that some people would never ever tell their friends certain parts of their life, certain experiences or encounters.

What we share is what we choose to share.

But then why is it that people feel I am blogging about my 'personal life' here?

I only share what I want to with those who read this.

My belief is that each one of us holds within us an entire universe. When we share, we allow others the opportunity to see a bit of that universe.

I also believe that our life on earthly existence is limited. One day we would have passed onto the next world. How many will notice our absence or will we become another statistic in some registery? Death sits at our side throughout the day, night arrives and we are gone from this world. Then, if God Almighty so wishes, our souls are returned here and we greet the dawn not knowing where we have spent the last several hours. Once I die, how many will remember me?

I do think about these things.

I know that I don't need to justify myself, but I understand that it is important to let readers know that what they read here is what I feel happy about sharing with you. We are all made up of several billions of layers of experience.. and I only share here a few of them. I don't think I do anything extraodinary. And I certainly have drawn much motivation and courage to write from the many lovely comments you have emailed me or been brave enough to submit online.

Blogging here or writing in my journal allows me to understand myself better at times.

But there are many things I do not write anywhere about. And these are those things I hold deeply personal to me and cannot part with. An example is that I never discuss dreams [I mean dreams that we have (good or bad) when we sleep] and my family here. I also never detail the content of certain encounters I have had with certain Inspirational individuals, or certain subtle experiences which have changed my life dramatically.

Why don't I do this?
It is no disrespect to the reader. Natural boundaries. As I always say in the write-ups in Tranquil Zone that nothing I write is conclusive.. there is much much more to it. This is only what I could manage to give, for now.

So how much of me is really public domain?

I think only the amount that I allow to be.

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I think you're mature enough to know where to draw the line :)xxx
to be honest...i do find some postings a bit too much.....

also blogging does seem to be rather egocentric...but thats just my opinion

LOL "mature enough" - are we ever? x x x x


Interesting -
did you mean the posts in Camel-land are "a bit too much" or was that a general comment?

Some blogs are way too private in what they share :-/ but then who am I to say there aren't another billion layers wrapping the being of the writer??

My point here was to do with myself :-)
I think we as women/mothers/wifes etc, need to have some "me time/thing" (a bit egocentric do you good)whenever you have the chance, because its already difficult to find time for your self when to many people r continously on your concern. I wish you many pleasent bloggings that all you can get:)
Salam Um Ibrahim :-)

Thanks for popping-by .. all the way from Amman! My World! You are close in vicinity to a beloved Inspirator ;-)

You are right, we definately need 'me time' as women.. and men! I do believe that alot of people have problems because they don't know themselves. If we spent more time with ourselves - we would know ourselves better. And once we know ourselves we would know what causes us goodness and what causes us to lash out. Alot of problems would be stopped from even happening.

Reflective writing is being used as a tool in positive ways by many :-)

And Ameen to your bloggings dua :-)

Love x x x

hey i think you blog just the right amount.. im not just saying this because i love this blog, but because i never am left wondering "and what else?" nor am i left wondering "i didnt need to know that" .. all the posts you done are mashallah.

btw i apologise if i at times do put you on the spotlight by praising your blog too much, but hey what can i say, its a good blog! :-D
oh and one other thing;
"Once I die, how many will remember me?" -- i think that may be the least of our problems once we are six foot under :(

may Allah save us all from the punishment of the grave, ameen


LOL - thanks I feel like a red cyber tomato now :-$

Re: Death -
Wouldn't you want anyone to remember you once you have departed this world? I think it would be such a shame if we were remembered by nobody as soon as we had departed from this world. Nobody to send us their prayers - why, how awful. I do pray that we remember our dead in the same way as we wish to be remembered after our departure. InshaAllah.
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