Thursday, November 30, 2006


Forthcoming entries...

I know I have slowed down a little with the blogging..

Been waking up most of these nights with some pain in my right hand. It's not that bad - I guess I am very familiar to it by now. So been a little more limited with the writing. There are lots of things I want to blog about. Here are some things that have been on my mind -

The Noble Man From Zaytuna

... this has been on my mind since June...

Mourning my Career

...been thinking alot about this for some weeks now...

Paulo Coelho

...been on me mind since summer...

Us like a Chalice
...another one on my mind for ages...

I don't know how long it will be before I am able to get these entries done.
I pray they are live before we bid farewell to 2006 :-)

Peace & Prayers
Bint-eh Adam

top picture credit: Zaytuna Institute
bottom picture credit: Every Object

Assalaamu alaykum Sis :)

I've been rubbing black seed oil into my hands before sleep which helps when the hands ache a little; inshaAllah the pen and tablet idea of yours will help too.

I can't imagine how you must feel about your career. I guess maybe if we expanded the definition of career to simply our role in this life - this may help? After all we are here for just one ultimate purpose.

Coelho...I must read more inshaAllah!

The chalice has lost me and so I look forward to that post inshaAllah *hugz*

If you don't get the entries done by the end of 2006, inshaAllah you'll get them done by the end of 1427, Saturday 19th January 2007, subject to moonsighting of course.

Now that I've managed to add your blog to my Bookamarks Toolbar Folder (after having had Mozilla for yonks!) I should be able to bloghop here more often inshaAllah...and I look forward to those posts.

Take care!

Been a huge while since i've said hi - how are you?

Coelho is a good writer, although The Zahir did leave me a tad disappointed. The Alchemist is the best read so far.

Best wishes

Zay :)
hello!I realy enjoy all books of Paulo Coelho!A also loved The ZahiR! ;)
Do you know that Paulo has a newsletter?
You can also go to his blog and comment with other readers your impressions...
it's simply wonderful! :)

Black seed oil + Pen & Tablet = Good Girl Bhaji Jaani!

You are right re: Career - It is important that if are to make sense of our situations we extend the popular definition of it. Yes "one ultimate purpose" but one which has many sub-sections would you not agree? ;-)

LOL the Chalice lost you... :-D
I think we are all lost deep within the chalice...

And thanks so much - 19th Jan sounds great :o)
I really appreciate that sweety :')

Bookmarks - Oh great - now don't tell me that's another excuse for you to type type type :-/
Rest those hands Kitty!

Hugs and Love my dear x x x x And please take care.

Yes a long long time dear x x x
I am well :-)
How are you getting along?

Yeah.. the Zahir left us all very disappointed! Although there were a couple of very important hidden messages I found in it which have been great!

I don't think anything can beat the Alchemist -
His latest book 'Like the Flowing River' was given to me for my 30th by the same person who gave me the Alchemist a couple years ago - it's great! He's back in his true style.

Enough for now ;-) Afterall - I need to blog it man!!!

My love and thoughts for your family sugarplum x x

Hello there!
And welcome to Camel-land :-)

Perhaps you also found those 'hidden' messages from the Zahir?? Perhaps they weren't so hidden then!
Thanks for the Newsletter & Blog link fellow Coelho fan :-)
Take care - you have a nice Coelho blog there!
salaam, i hope you're well inshallah. i've also slowed down with the blogging :(

i hope your hand gets better inshallah :(

Yes things are better here.
You have slowed down..? you are right! What's up? Hope all is well? I hope whatever it is, it leads you to a renewed spirit InshaAllah!
There is no shame or harm in prioritising little brother :-)

All the best.
Wasalam :-)
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