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My Rihla - 2006

Fearing rejection and his guilty conscious reclaiming his good self – he set forth gently into that world;

An angelic world it was.

‘The City of Peace’ he thought –

The city beloved to the Messenger who turned his back to look at it one last time saying “Had it not been because of my people, I would never have left you.”

He was once again on celestial terrain. Walking amongst angels; his being took in the warm breeze in the moonlit Sanctuary. His heart lightened as he felt his Lord reattaching his being with that world.

‘Was I ever far from this Splendour of a Sight?’

His feet took him step by step in the footsteps of the millions before him towards an Entity standing proudly as proof of mans’ gratitude to his Lord; built by the Father and visited by all with the Prophetic Missions.

‘I’m here my Lord’ he thinks.

Eyes on the ground: how he approaches the House in the hope of being re-united with his Lord’s Pleasure.

We are here.

Raise your head and let your eyes be immersed into it’s intense beauty and let it’s charm dazzle you once more.

Lifting the eye lids he opens the window into his heart. And sees the Refuge for his Salvation in front of him; stunning it stands so proud, His eyes are struck with his Lords’ Gratefulness and Abundancy in His Favours to His slave.


A blessed title he has received.

He turns to his companion and weeps with gratitude.

Covering his eyes: this sight is too splendid for my being to take from this point.

They walk closer to a point where the Majestic Sanctuary is awaiting them;
their presence; their invocations;

“Come together in your yearnings and fear not –

just seek –

don’t be afraid O Blessed Child of Adam”

Moving closer and raising his hands he allows his gaze to lose it’s soul in the wonder which stands before it, as he supplicates for salvation.

Wetness in his eyes and hands still raised – here he stands today.

“What am I My Lord?”

He begs his Lord to never remove His Grace,




Mercy and Protection from his being.

Then he enters the human sea just like before. The sea wherein are the ships of many assailing; sometimes gently and other times erratically in the waters of lifes’ many rivers. Occasionally our ships meet and we remind one another of the river and how rivers meet to form the sea; each of us serving a course; trying our best to lead our lives to function as clean and unpolluted rivers – focusing on the sea.

The vastness of the sea fills his being as he becomes part of it.

He is ennobled as his Lord bestows on him His Nearness;

Peace enters his heart.

And his Host, being the best of hosts blesses him to come ever closer to His House.

Placing his wings and face against the Walls guarding the precinct Entity, he flees this world and loses himself in Salvation.

Indeed he comes to realise:

“I am the Blessed Child of Adam and nothing less.

And my Lords’ favours upon me are huge.”

He now feels reassured: He had never left the Sacred in the first place.

This piece was written on the 9th of August 2006 as we travelled from Jeddah to Medina, in the coach. I have edited a mere 5% of the piece and left the rest as it came to my mind. I thought of you guys whilst writing this and pray in earnest that if you are not able to understand what I am saying in this, then you at least understand that Bint-eh Adam is well, she found the answers that nobody else could give her in all these frustrating months. I thank everyone for their unconditional support, prayers and wishes.

This piece is about my Umrah [Visit] to Mecca a couple days before we left Jeddah. I entered Mecca 42 months [3.5 years] after my first visit. I never did think it would be that long. But it happened and I laugh and make merry that it happened! And this is my Rihla:-)

The artwork: Change, July 2006. SOLD: £120

Alhamdulila W'al Shukar Allah.
God bless x x

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Asslamu 'alaykum wa'rahmatullahi wa'barakatuhu,

Subhan'Allah, that was such a heartfelt entry. May Allah keep us on the Straight Path Ameen
eid mubarak to you & your family!!

please keep me in your duas. have fun :D
Eid Mubarak, Sister Taslim.
All the best to you and yours.
Anon 1
Thank you :-)

Anon 2
Walaikumslam Wa Rahmatala Wa Barakatu
Ameen and thank you for kind comment :-)

Eid Greetings to you too! Duas for you too - ooh but I missed the firework-fun due to my hermit lifestyle ;-)

Sidi Alex
Khair Mubarak dearest of DP'ers - wishes for peace to your household.

And may the blessings of God ALmighty be upon all - ameen
hey how have you been? long time Sister!

i read some article on bbc website about your work, mashallah keep it up
i was surfing your previous blog posts and stumbled onto them :D

Alhamdulila -
Work? No work these days brother!
ahh i found it again.. its on the left of your blog, under "tranquilarty features" :D
Oh those LOL :-) Don't believe everything you read there!

Alhamdulila... that seems a long time ago you know.

These days am a lady of leisure :-)
The Rihla!
:( inshallah baji...we'll meet in madinah again!
unless i cum down to brumiland :P


InshaAllah we will my dear! Think big as they say!

Let me know whenever you are down here and I'll let you know when I'm mountain-climbing up your end :-)

And if not in this world then in the next.. x x x x x
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