Sunday, September 24, 2006


Ramadhan Greetings x x x


Hey Beloved,
You are here once again!

And Bint greets thee with full brace -
Do you sense mine angelic wings?
Which were not before -
But have become so now -

After being aquainted with the Sacred -

Now here I stand -
So proudly -

To welcome my Guest!

Last Years' Ode

This Ramadhan please pray for those who are not in the ease that we are in:

There are those who are in war-zones or those undergoing political oppression.

There are those littered on the streets with no shelter, food or clothing.

There are those in prison or camps.

There are those who had no crop this harvest or those whose crop was washed away with floods.

Also include in your prayers all who will be fasting without the presence of their loved ones:

Those who have been seperated by death and will never share another Suhur or Iftar with their beloveds.

Those whose loved ones are in prison.

Those who are the relatives of a 'missing person' and who have no idea whether their beloved is safe or not.

Those who will be using Ramadhan to visit their loved ones in hospital rather than attend Iftar gatherings with their friends.

And pray duas for all those around the world who were forced out of their homes and are now either refugees or asylum seekers.

May God Almighty bring out the goodness in our conduct during this Ramadhan. And may He keep everyone Safe from the wrong actions of our hands and our tongue.

Dua taken from Deenport Khatams thread.

Check out the Ramadhan Thoughts next door :-) & loads of Ramadhan URLs!

Peace & Prayers x x

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