Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Coping With Losing Children

Whilst browsing the Beebs site today, I came across a feature on a very special woman. A woman who has a very important place in my heart..

Iram Khan
Iram Khan

Coping with losing children

by Marsha Ramroop, BBC Faith Producer

Iram Khan from Rowley Regis tells her story about her faith helped her, and is still helping, through the toughest time in her life. Losing two children to a terminal illness, Iram called upon Islam for strength, peace and hope.

And for those who read my Thank You list last year - this is the woman who prayed on my hand shortly after losing her second child when I met her at the Mosque.

May the blessings of God Almighty forever remain upon her household. Ameen.

life can be hard at times :(

hope you're all well inshallah :)

All is well here thanks! :-) Life continues to give us all a bit to be sad about and alot to be happy about - but then, that's the nature of life right?

Hope your keeping well too little brother.
Ramadan mubarik dear sister! :)
Aah Baraka x x x

Khair Mubarak to you too my love :-)
& many many treasures to look forward to ..
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