Saturday, September 02, 2006


Back in Rainy England :-)


Got back over a week ago.
Blissful time - lots to think about and lots to reflect about. Praises to God Alone - Alhamdulila.

I have a busy fortnight ahead (the usual dose of appointments), thus will blog my update thereafter before our Beloved Ramadhan comes our way again!

Alot of you asked me when I will be blogging about the Rihla - my deepest of apologies folks - I won't. Simply because I am not ready to blog anything yet. For those who can remember; I wrote my Hajj experiences about 18 months later: one morning after I rose from bed.. it was 2 years when I submitted it to the BBC for their Hajj feature. I believe that experiences which are entreched in alot of depth require a generous amount of time for digestion; at times it takes our entire life to appreciate the true meaning of a certain encounter.

I humbly request time. Soz.

However, I did write one piece which I will blog in due time (with you readers in mind: my noble band of followers ;-) I owed it to you for all your support and prayers of goodness. It's in the traditional hard-to-read tranquilarty way that you guys are so used to - come on, did you expect anything less from me?!

Alot of folk from the Rihla are quite sad at coming back and so I thought I'd write a little piece up for them and others; about how the 'good experiences' we have in life are not limited in their timescale. Rather it is us who limit the goodness of these experiences and in reality we can maximise their effects in our life. InshaAllah.

I'm working on that - so pray I can complete it soon.

Peace & Prayers Oh Noble People x x x


Glad you are back. Praying for your health

Walaikumslam Sidi Yursil

Alhamdulila, Thank you for the kind duas.
I'm going through a 'good spell' - InshaAllah it will last and those 'Big Openings' will show themselves up very shortly. It is only a few weeks for Ramadhan, so not long to wait before we all get another dip into angelic delights!

My regards to Mrs Yursil - hope all is well?!

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