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Camel-Land Must Reads!

I know alot of you get confused when visiting Camel-Land for the first time. And am afraid I don't have the 'wordpress' blog thus I don't have the lovely system of organisation which would enable you to go through this blog and find juicy blog entries. Also I don't have that 'collapse' thingy which cool bloggers like Indigo Jo and UmmZee have which lets you read a snippet of the blog and then you choose to read the rest...

Yeah I know - I am stuck in the past but worry not my friends - I will eventually move over from Blogger. But in the meantime - enjoy these entries which some of you said you liked:

PS - I promise I will give you all an update from Camel-Land :o) soon x x x

Bint Says Thank You
October 2005

Girls & Make-up
October 2005

Sadit, Leila & Jasmir
October 2005

The Magic Wand Theory
December 2005

More Than A Woman
December 2005

How 'Sure' Let Me Down!
January 2006

Visual Effect - Beauty
January 2006

Questions: Death & Departure
February 2005

Only Night Brings A New Dawn
February 2006


I know I haven't blogged much in these last few months but I hope you will understand why. In the meantime read this:

2005 - A year in review

Peace & Prayers
Bint-eh Adam
x x x
Assalamualaikum Bint-eh Adam!

Well, i've been following your work and projects for quite some time now. Although i think your artowork is amazing, mashallah, it's your insights and observations into life in your blog that have really touched me.. re-reading the 'girls and make-up' post just struck a cord with me as i've been dealing with my own experiences of 'muslim sisterhood' and disillusionment, haha. Anyway, i've never really mustered up the courage before to drop a line and make myself known, but i just wanted to say Thank you. If there are people like you out there, all my faith in humanity is not lost just quite yet ;) Alhamdullilah :)

Much love and peace,
Nadzia :)
Walaikumslam Nadzia x x x

And welcome to Camel-Land :-)

Alhamdulila Thank you soooo much my dearest for the very kind comments and for taking to the stage - you brave soul x x x

You know you really made my day mate.

I was extremely moved when I read your comment, seriously. I want to encourage you all to leave comments as it is these sentiments which feedback to me and give me the strength and motivation to continue writing more words. (In combination with ability and energy from God of course!)

Thank you to yourself and others who are always either emailing me or leaving comments here :') You guys are fantastic man! You all have so much to give and by sharing a few words with me you give me from your time; a treasure which means the world to me.

Nadzia - your name is beautiful. You are the first Nadzia I have come across as usually I know either Nadia or Nazia - hey your folks decided to have both the d and z for you :-D

Hopefully, your experiences will prove to be great teaching tools for you. Lessons which, with time you will come to appreciate and understand the wisdom for. May God Almighty draw you closer to a community of women who will help you be at peace with yourself.

Peace and Prayers my lovely
Wasalam x x x
Bint-eh Adam
Salam Nadzia

Thanks for the email lovey x x
I will reply - problems with that account I'm afraid!

Wasalam & duas
Bint-eh Adam x :-)
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