Tuesday, January 10, 2006


From last year!

I was checking out the local beebs' site .. and this appeared again :o)

In the City of the Prophet
By Bint-eh-Adam, site user
Bint-eh-Adam shares her emotional Hajj journey to the City of the Prophet.

And Images I took before the digi-cam days!


Heya, how are you? Hope your wikked & yes, belated eid mubarak!

love love x
Walaikumsalam dear,

Yes Alhamdulila I am good :o)

And yep the Eid was fab - Congrats to you too. Hope all is well on the study-front? Do you guys have some exams some-time sooney?

Wasalam, duas
Bint x
Yes, currently suffering because of exams :(

Make du'aa inshallah

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