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Since my last update from Camel-Land..

Lots has happened :-/

CONSULTANT - well Praise the Lord as both the bloods and nerves are absolutely fine! So it's not Rheumatoid Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and I have been discharged with the following advice:
"Eat ginger and don't stress!"

How do I feel about this? Well none the wiser insofar as the diagnosis is concerned. Stupid as it sounds they call it Sero-Negative Arthritis which just means your blood test was not positive!?!

DOCTOR - The doc had not received the consultants' report when I visited him last week... He stressed the importance of taking things really really slowly. I discussed a variety of options with doc and his advise to me made a great deal of sense. He is very experienced and almost nearing the age of retirement. Him and his wife (Mrs doc) are also very spiritual people and I think that always helps as they don't see me as just a 'body' consisting of physiological mechanisms.

He issued me with a further 3 months of sicknote.

WORK - I am due to receive an appointment from the Occupational Health guy soon..

My manager emailed me to wish me a happy Eid and added that I should continue to dangle my arms out of the window to catch the sunny rays :)

THE ROOM - Well progess from last time as I managed to tidy up 20% of it! Of course as a result of that I had to rest my hands for about 4-5 days. And then Leila arrived last week.

For about eight years now I have been sleeping on the floor with a bad back. Mum and dad have been very annoyed with me all these years for not sleeping in a bed. Yes Leila is my new bed. The arrival of her was good in a way as it made me make a bit more of an effort at tidying things up in the room.

Unfortunately though I came down with a poor back earlier this week which has meant no lifting etc Thus the room continues to make me cringe.

I think it will be about 3-4 weeks before I am able to tidy the rest of it up.

I did manage to sort out my wardrobe and shoes collection and give away the excesses to the Earthquake Appeal in Pakistan. My wardrobe feels so much lighter now.

It is very difficult to live in a messy environ especially if you are 'usually' an organised and tidy person. However, I have now got used to it as I feel that whenever I see this mess, it reminds me of my inability to do anything as a human being, except for what God Almighty Wills - When He Wills.

GETTING READY, FEELING CLUMSY - I am trying my best to get out the house (for more than an hour) at least once, if not twice a week. The main issues I face are taking too long to get ready and then feeling a little overwhelmed when I do get ready and 'out'. It's becoming a bit hard to get into city alone.

I met up with a friend to get her Eid shopping done yesterday - it was good, except for the headache I got when I got back indoors.

I also have had to get used to being clumsy. There are many things which need "picking up" in my room that I was unable to as I couldn't bend over to pick them up.

ADOPTED AUNTY - Aside from the many nieces and nephews my siblings have blessed me with, I am now also an official aunt to lots of little sugarplums up and down the country! One of my recently adopted nieces is set to visit me soon as Aunty can't get up North to see her :')

I have managed to see a couple of the kids I had on my list of little people to visit. So that is another acheivement. Amongst them Little Nur and Muffy Bear. God Bless them.

TRANQUIL ZONE & TRANQUILART - I will be transferring the 'Dear Diedre..' next door. And also the 'Heart Warmer' will get started back there.

RAMADHAN - almost over and I feel it to have been one of the least productive ones I have ever had.

Goodbye Sweetheart
O dearest Guest of mine
I am so so very much miserable
Why must you leave so soon?
With not even a promise of return?
I was such a harsh host for you this time
And feel an awful sense of despair
Why won't you stay a little longer?
What is that I hear you say?

Eid Greetings all.

Peace & Prayers
Wasalam, Love & Duas
Alhamdulillahi ala kulli haal..Thanks to Allah in every condition. I am happy to hear about result of diagnosis. May Allah keep you safe!!! Aameen
Thank you very much for the kind comment! And ameen to your [and others'] continued prayers.

I guess it just comes to show that not everything in life has a 'label' which could be easily applied. God Almighty knows best what the real diagnosis is, us humans can merely speculate and offer our analysis. This is exactly what I thought as the consultant spoke to me, somewhat perplexed because he didn't know 'what' was causing the pain!

It's true - God Alone Knows what's happening!!!
Well my dearest friend. The future is positive now that we know you don't have anything sinister, and that rest, and a little patience with yourself will heal you in time.

I hope you and Leila get to bond well and that she becomes a source of comfort and rest that you deserve :-)

Oh, and I mustn't forget - A big huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA my gal - you really do deserve it to be extra special - and at EID too - you are gonna be swamped with pressies :-)

Love always,

Musasa x x x x
Thank you, happy eid to you too

Oh Musasa!

Welcome to Camel-Land :')

Birthday - Yes 104!!! Thank you for making it 'special' dear ;~) *wink wink*

Thank you for naming Leila - she is well. Once she's got her new attire she will give to the bones some of the Peace which has been Divinely blessed within sleep.

You keep well love,

x x x

Happy Eid & hope you enjoyed your stay here at Camel-Land?
Nice shoe :-D
Another Update:

* cleaned out a further 30% of the room. Amazing as I passed through many things I haven't touched in years.. I came across the correspondence and cards my then *friends* had given me [some as far back as 1999/2000]. I started crying. "Friend forever" I read inside the cards. Why do people write that?


* I went to BOOTS and the security guard made me feel so uncomfortable. He kept on staring at me! I mean, a girl can only shop once she has had a good look around!!! And it's not the first time either. I have had this from this geezer for ages now! I'm not sure what impression I have created but honestly I don't dress like a tramp! On one occaision long time ago, I felt like going up to him and saying: "Mate, I earn a good salary you know!"

I just did not like it - he even followed me into the second aisle. I just walked out of the shop. Would he think I'm "well-off" if I wore mums' gold jewellery and bling bling shoes? Or do I need to take out my suit?

This was at a local branch. InshaAllah [God Willing] I am going to pluck the courage to have a word with the woman at the till next time and tell her that the guys' freaking me out!

* ...and am coming down with a bad cold now :o'(

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