Thursday, November 17, 2005


Smile :- )

Meet Mr Funny Face - Gifted to Musasa - coloured by me. Now smile please ... even if you have one tooth.
Thats so cute mashaAllah! I love lilacs and greens together :D

Yes - his hair consists of a green feather and some purple thread :)

Amazing eh, how some colours work well together and others are just so :>(
Or is it just our perception??
I think its perception you know. Ten years ago I could never combine orange and shocking pink together; now though, I think it's a beautiful combination. I guess it all depends on context and the medium being used. :)

Yellow & Grey are toppers too

Orange - Green

Torquoise - Red

list is endless. Anyhow what are the 'season' colours 'in' at the moment - I haven't been out to check :-D
Ermmmmmmmmmmm no idea :P

I haven't been out to the shops for a while...unless you count Tesco/Sains :P

But I do know that the Victorian/Military look has been in of late :)
Tesco and Sainsburys'?

well well well -
two of 'those' that I don't shop at!!!

You are right, the Victorian look is still in.. as too is the Combat one. I was thinking about my 'winter collection' but then realised I don't really need to purchase anything as I'm indoors most part of the week! And hopefully, it may be a good time to 'wear-out' all the clothes I haven't had a chance to.. Cos at work, it was the casual but smart look. And I'm not one of those to get changed upon returning home: since our dress-code was comfy rather than starchy suits which make one feel all-important but absolutely uncomfortable!

But its good time to wear-out the non-work trousers.. as the tunics can be combined with either smart or scruffy trousers :)

What about you? I bet they make you wear a crown to work?

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